Watercress is a leafy dark green which has not been given enough attention. It’s a superfood.

I have been adding watercress to my smoothies lately. I always new it was good for me but never really enjoyed the taste of it on it’s own.

I have found fresh and alive watercress in my local market that is still growing. It is sold with the roots intact to keep it fresh while in the grocery store. I snip the cress off the root, give it a good rinse and throw it in my nutribullet with all of the other goodies that make up my morning smoothie. I can’t taste the watercress in my smoothie because all of the other flavors mask it….but I know I’m getting the nutrition watercress has to offer.

Some of the benefits of adding watercress to your diet:

  1. Watercress is from the cruciferous family related to arugula, broccoli, kale, cabbage etc. so as with it’s relatives, Watercress offers heart protecting and boosting antioxidants. Cruciferous veggies are high on the list of goodies to help the body fight against cancer.
  2. Watercress is a great immune booster definitely needed at this time of year when we are exposed to others with colds or flu. Watercress will help your body fight off viruses that could be trying to move in to your body and set up camp. The Watercress helps build up your “defense” against these nasty intruders.
  3. Watercress adds to the health of our eyes and eyesight. This is because of the carotenoids in watercress.
  4. Low Calorie so it is great to include in your daily diet. Eating lots of greens daily helps you stay within your caloric limit. Salad, Salad and more salad.
  5. The antioxidant properties in watercress can help your body stay in harmony and prevent such diseases as diabetes from forming at all. So start adding watercress to your smoothie, salad, soups, casseroles etc. You can’t go wrong with this powerhouse.
  6. Watercress is high in folate which is an important nutrient our body needs. It is good for women who are thinking of becoming pregnant or are pregnant. Folate is our friend.
  7. There is a food ranking called the “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index” also known as the “ANDI”. This rating system ranks food on it’s vitamin, mineral and phytonutrients content in relation to caloric content. Watercress received the highest possible ranking on this index. That should tell you how good it is for you.
  8. One cup of watercress contains more than 100% of your RDI (daily recommended) of vitamin K.
  9. Watercress contains calcium, magnesium and potassium which are known to support healthy blood pressure, bone health and restful sleep.

Some of the easiest ways to incorporate watercress into your daily nutrition… is to do what I do, adding it to my smoothies. You can add it to your casseroles, pasta sauces, use as the lettuce in your sandwich, add to soup, mix into salad greens or just lightly sauté it in olive oil, and serve it as a side dish. So many simple ways to get this powerful punch of nutrition into your precious body.

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