My Panama City Experience!

I just returned from a week in Panama City, Panama.  I was there at The Stem Cell Institute for Mesenchymal Stem Cell treatments.   Now I’m home and it’s time to let those “golden cells” do their work.

It was a good experience I’m fortunate to have been able to participate in.  The reason for going to Panama for this treatment is to bring relief from my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

The clinic has been operating for over 10 years in Panama City, treating many conditions and diseases.  Many families go there with austistic children…a treatment which is showing great success for these children and their families living with autistic children.

As well as Multiple Sclerosis where the immune system attacks the Myelin Sheath, the clinic treats other autoimmune diseases such as Rhuematoid Arthritis where the immune system attacks joints, Ulcerative Colitis where the immune system attacks the gut, Diabetes where the immune system attacks the pancreas and more.  Heart failure, spinal cord injury, fraility from aging, and Muscular Dystrophy are a few more diseases or conditions getting great results from these umbilical cord stem cells.

The treatment was non-invasive.  I was there for three days of treatment.  Day one I went for physiotherapy and electro stimulation.  After that appointment I went to the clinic for my first IV of stem cells into my blood stream as well as two injections into the hip area to get into the lymph system.  It was painless and quick.  It took about eighteen minutes for the IV to be administered and the hip injections where quick injections.    I had no ill effects from day one.

Day two I received a stronger IV, a more “stem cell populated” dose.  The aftermath of that dose left me fatigued with a mild feeling of chills and slight headache.  That went away relatively quickly.  Apparently it’s a normal side effect that happens to most patients after the day two treatment.

Day three I went to the physio again for exercise and the electro stimulation and then back to the clinic for my last IV of stem cells and two more hip injections.

Beginning with the arrival at the Panama airport to departure from the airport at the end of treatment was very professional and well organized.  The clinic is on the 63rd floor of a beautiful sky scraper, one of many very tall buildings along the coastline of Panama Bay near the Panama Canal.  The Panama Hilton where we stayed was part of the whole package.  The hotel is very convenient as it is attached to the office building where the clinic is.  The hotel and the clinic work together to make our stay fantastic.  We were well looked after from professional medical staff and administrative staff to airport helpers working for the clinic who whisked us through customs and baggage check out lines into a waiting van that took us the 20 minutes to the hotel.  We had a lovely “chauffeur “ named Julie who drove us to and from physio and the airport.

The whole experience was organized and professional….I call it “a well oiled machine”.

Now I must continue to nourish my body and rest, and do regular exercise to give those millions and millions of stem cells floating around in my system the good environment they need to work their magic.  The benefits will show up over time.  I already feel some benefits in my energy and a few other areas that feel stronger.    Generally patients with MS find the most benefits become obvious 3 to 6 months out from treatment.

Prior to our making the decision to “invest” in this treatment we were so fortunate to be put in touch with 4 ladies with MS, all around my age, who have been to the Stem Cell Institute several times.  I was able to converse with them and get all of the information I needed regarding the treatments and the results these ladies have experienced.  These ladies all received benefits from the Stem Cells….so much so that they return to the clinic from time to time for a “top up” of stem cells.  Their testimonials were all we needed to make the trip to Panama.

I would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with the many diseases or conditions I have mentioned above.

Hopefully we see this treatment being accepted as a viable treatment by the powers that be….and allow these amazing treatments to be administered in the USA and Canada.

Apparantly one of the reasons these treatments are not being allowed in North America is due to “economics”.  The pharmaceutical companies cannot patent “umbilical cord” stem cells so there is no mega bucks for them.  I truly believe these stem cell treatments are the medical modality of the future.  They relieve so many people from so many disabling and painful symptoms that we should embrace this treatment with open arms and allow it to be done in North America.

There are stem cell treatments happening in the USA and Canada but they do not involve umbilical cord cells.  Most of the treatments are using the patients own stem cells…results are good but not quite so good as the results from these “golden cells”.

We hope and pray that North American medical groups will study the data and realize that umbilical (MSC) stem cells are giving relief to many people with many diseases and conditions not helped by conventional treatments.

As a footnote, umbilical (MSC) stem cell treatments are approved and encouraged by the office of the POPE.  It’s “embryonic” stem cells that are unethical and illegal across the globe.

To name drop…the clinic is a frequent stop for actor, Mel Gibson, who goes there to ease his bone spurs.  He took his 91 year old father there for treatment of fraility.  The stem cell treatments gave his Dad a whole new lease on living through his 90’s with vim and vigor.

I am so grateful that Paul and I were able to take advantage of the Panama experience.  It’s costly…no doubt about it.  But the statement “without your health you have nothing” is so true.  To us the investment in stem cells is worth every penny.

I will keep you posted as the weeks and months roll on.  Hopefully I’m sharing good news with you.  I believe it will be good news.  Stay tuned.


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