In memory of my Quincy boy!

We are dog lovers. We are very fond of the Shih Tzu breed. We are enjoying our fourth Shih Tzu dog, Riley.

We enjoyed Tucker who lived 9 years and developed a type of leukemia. We lost him quickly following his diagnosis. That human/pet relationship dates back 25 years ago.

Then we enjoyed 12 years with Jackson. Jackson was a wonderful companion. He loved to play with squeekie toys and sang along to the noise of the toys. He made us laugh and gave us great joy. Unfortunately Jackson developed eye problems eventually leading to blindness. He lived with his blindness for a little while but it was obvious he was finding it difficult. During Jackson’s eye problems we adopted another Shih Tzu we named Quincy. He became Jackson’s companion. He helped him navigate. It was an incredible bond they had. Quincy knew that Jackson needed help and stepped up to the plate to kind of be Jackson’s “seeing eye dog”. There came a time when Jackson showed us that he was tired and was ready to go. I remember the day well. It was heartbreaking but we knew it was the right thing to do. We miss him still. He was a great dog.

Quincy then became “king of the castle”. He was our only pet. He seemed a little lonely after losing his buddy Jackson. We decided to get him a friend. So we adopted Riley 6 years ago. Riley and Quincy became buddies. But it was a relationship between them where Quincy was definitely the “boss”. They cuddled together often. Riley, being a puppy always wanted to play. Quincy being a bit older would just walk away. It was fun to watch the interaction between them.

Unfortunately Quincy developed seizures and trachea problems this past year. He has been on meds to help with both issues. The meds helped a bit but he was still suffering. We could see this. We were suppose to leave our dogs with friends while we traveled to Panama for my stem cell treatments. We realized it would be too difficult to leave a sick Quincy with all his meds in the hands of others. It wasn’t fair to them to burden them with the responsibility of keeping up with his medicine and dealing with his seizures. Paul and I had the “talk” and unfortunately came to the conclusion that there was only one thing we could do. It was time for Quincy to go hook up with his buddy Jackson. It’s never an easy thing to do. But oddly enough, we believe Quincy was ready. He never had night seizures. They were always during the day when he was active. But his last night, the eve of his farewell, he had a big seizure at 9:30 p.m just before bedtime. (I called it a GOD WINK). It was Quincy’s way of showing me that he was ready to go, that I shouldn’t feel sad. At 9:30 a.m. this morning Paul took Quincy to his final Vetrinarian visit. He is gone to be with Jackson.

As I sit here alone in grief over the loss of our dear Quincy, I look at Riley sleeping in his little bed, I reflect on just how much our pets become part of the family. They play an important role in our day to day lives. They give us unconditional love, regardless of our moods. They cuddle us, they smile at us, they make us get out and exercise with them, they rely on us to care for them and in return they care for us.

I am sad as I type this post but I am trying to remember the 13 years of good times we had with Quincy. The pain of losing him is great. He was a very important part of our family. He will be missed so much.

Now we have Riley to focus our love and attention on. He will be our last pet. We will cherish him and love him as with all of the ones before him.

If you have a pet hug them closely. Enjoy them every day. Because the day you have to say goodbye will be gut wrenching. I’m heartbroken. Time will help. I will tuck the memories of Quincy in my memory bank where I have stored the cherished memories of Tucker and Jackson.

Rest In Peace little buddy. We love you. Thank you for all the love and pleasure you gave to us in your lifetime.

Writing this little post in memory of my Quincy is a kind of “therapy” if you will. A stepping stone to healing…..


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