I’m on my way to PANAMA CITY RIGHT NOW!

Hello everybody.

If you are reading this post on January 5th, 2019, Paul and I are on a flight to Panama City, Panama RIGHT NOW.


I am going to THE STEM CELL INSTITUTE in Panama City over the next few days for stem cell infusions.  These infusions may help my body heal and regain some of it’s mobility and energy back.  So I’m starting 2019 with HOPE.

I have done a ton of research into this procedure.  I’ve been introduced to this clinic and what it has to offer through a family connection.  This family connection has led me to a lady, my age, from Australia who has experienced great results with her Multiple Sclerosis through stem cells and proper nutrition.   Her name is Lisa Brown.  I have been on what I call “power hour” phone calls with Lisa.  She is a firecracker full of energy and full of information.  In fact she has written and published two books on her experience with stem cells.  The first one called “One Tiny Bite at a Time” and the second one is “One Tiny Step at a Time”.  She is currently writing her third book.

I have been blessed with this connection to Lisa Brown.  Lisa has connected me to her “health gurus” in Australia and other people with Multiple Sclerosis who have experienced positive results from the stem cell infusions.  I am being coached by these “health gurus” in healing my gut microbiome and setting up a good healthy alkaline enviroment in my body for the stem cell infusions I will be getting.

Thankfully, I have been nourishing my body with the best nutrition for a very long time.  I had to tweak my habits a bit, adding in some powerful food and herbal powders from Australia and the USA.  These food supplements are working wonders with my body.  We hope that the healthy biology in my body will welcome these new stem cells with open arms.

THE STEM CELL INSTITUTE has been operating in Panama City for 10 years now.  The clinic is owned and operated by an American doctor from Texas, Dr. Neil Riordan.  The reason this clinic is in Panama is because “umbilical cord” mesenchymal stem cells are not legal in the USA or Canada yet.  As positive results are logged in “clinical trials” this stem cell procedure may eventually be welcome in the USA and other countries around the world.  It is the future of medicine.

I’m not going to go into detail about my trip to Panama until I have had the treatment and have given the cells enough time to work their magic.  This treatment is not a “magic bullet”.  I’m hopeful that my preparation with good alkaline nutrition, a healthy microbiome,  and my positive attitude will merge together and give me a boost.

There is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  Many MS patients have traveled to Panama for this treatment and many have positive stories to share.  These stem cell infusions are being administered, with positive results, to patients for other ailments too, ie. autism and spinal cord injury.

I will give you an update on my “hopeful healing” in the months to come.


Stay tuned……future posts will fill in the blanks.






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