Your Microbiome

This word “MICROBIOME” is now seen in many articles and newsletters online, in magazines and health sections of newspapers.  There is a ton of literature on “MICROBIOME.”

It is your “second brain”.

It is your trillions of micro-organisms that live in your body.  Most of them live in your gut.  If your gut and digestive tract aren’t healthy then you probably aren’t as healthy as you could be either.

Many autoimmune diseases are a direct result of a leaky gut, candida overgrowth, constipation etc.

We all have a unique microbiome.

Your gut bacteria, what you eat each day, and the stamina of your digestive tract predict your long term health.   Your gut health even has an influence on your mood, mental clarity, and energy, weight, complexion, nail health etc.

I am currently on a protocol to heal my microbiome before I go to Panama City for a stem cell infusion in January.  The reason for doing this gut healing protocol is that if my microbiome is healthy and my digestive system is working well then my body will be able to receive the stem cells and put them to good use.

A good diet, with prebiotics and probiotics included is a fantastic way to heal your gut.  I have been following the PALEO DIET and included a combination of really good probiotics, Chinese herbs, other healing herbs, foods considered good prebiotics, lots of fresh and clean water, and quality rest.  I can tell you this.  I’m heading in the right direction. It has been about 2 months since I started this protocol under the direction of a leading edge nutritionist and research scientist.

My “MICROBIOME” is healing.  I know this as I am experiencing clarity of thinking, no more brain fog, less moodiness and irritability, better sleep, great skin and more.  I’m excited to stay on this path to gut health as I know I’m going to just keep getting better as my microbiome gets stronger.

There are many studies going on in science and medicine today pertaining to the human microbiome, particularly good and bad gut bacteria.  Studies are showing that if  your gut is not operating at it’s optimal then you are susceptible to serious illnesses such as what I have….Multiple Sclerosis.  Other diseases are related too.  The dots are being connected between illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, autism, depression, and heart disease with the health of a person’s gut health.

I have had enough rounds of antibiotics over my lifetime to wreak havoc with my gut health.  When you take antibiotics  they attack the bad bacteria they are being sent in to destroy.  BUT at the same time the antibiotics are killing your good bacteria too.  That’s not good.  Somehow you have to work on getting the balance back between the good guys and the bad guys.

The program I am on right now is causing a shift.  A noticeable shift in the right direction.  For that, I am so pleased and feeling hopeful for my future with MS.

If you want to heal your microbiome, do a bit of research, get on a good probiotic from your health store, add prebiotic foods daily such as sauerkraut, Kim Chi, tempeh, raw garlic and onion, raw asparagus, to name a few.  Ditch the sugar and processed foods.  Try to eliminate stress. Get a good nights sleep, move your body every day, be  hopeful.

Cheers to your microbiome!

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