Fighting Inflammation with Food

The reason I am writing about “anti-inflammatory” diet is because I’m going to be traveling to Panama City in the near future for a “Myeschenal Stem Cell Procedure”.  In preparation for this procedure I need to pay close attention to my diet and supplementation protocol to reduce inflammation. I need to make my inner environment healthy and set up a good base for the stem cells to enter my body and get to work on my immune system.

Inflammation is involved in most, if not all chronic diseases and illnesses.  We should be trying to keep our inflammation at bay without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.  Drugs only mask symptoms but don’t get to the route of the inflammation.

The best way to fight inflammation is eating foods that are anti-inflammatory not just for me with MS, but for everyone who cares about their health as a whole.  I am eating an inflammatory diet and have been for a very long time which is why I believe I don’t have pain with my MS….whereas many of my MS peers suffer with chronic pain.

I am going to share with you, my list of favourite anti-inflammatory foods I include in my weekly nutrition plan in no specific order:

  • Blueberries…I eat blueberries almost everyday.  I try to find organic and/or wild blueberries which have been proven to contain higher levels of antioxidants.
  • Apples….I eat an apple a day “to keep the doctor away”.
  • Raspberries….I eat raspberries almost everyday in my oatmeal or smoothie.  I also top my arugula salad with them to make a super nutritious salad
  • Arugula….is my go to salad green.  I make salads with it all the time, sometimes blending arugula with other greens such as spinach or baby romaine.  My favourite and very simple arugula salad is just plain arugula with half of a fresh lemon squeezed over it with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt and some roasted pine nuts. Yum!
  • Spinach….I use it in salads or cooking recipes often and it’s a great green base for smoothies.
  • Tomatoes…are full of lycopene which increases when the tomatoes are cooked with a bit of olive oil.  Whenever we have pasta we always opt for the tomoto sauce rather than the creamy options.
  • Garlic….goes well in that tomato sauce.  I also add garlic to almost every home cooked dinner we have.
  • Turmeric…I use a turmeric liquid tincture that I add to my green juice…I also take fermented turmeric capsules in my daily supplement list.
  • Lemon….I try to drink a hot lemon or a room temperature lemon water once or twice a day.  Lemon helps to put your body in PH balance.   I also squeeze it on veggies to add a little tang.
  • Mushrooms…I try to include culinary mushrooms in our weekly meal plan.  Taking medicinal mushroom supplements is a good way to get the health benefits.
  • Bone Broth….high in collagen….is a good food to have on hand in your freezer to use in cooking.  Use it as a base for rice or add it to soups and stews.  It’s a valuable addition to your arsenal.
  • Collagen….speaking about it in bone broth….I also have a powdered collagen that I add to cereal, smoothies, green drinks, yogurt etc.  It is tasteless.  It is so good for your hair, skin and nails.
  • Chia Seeds….high in protein…a good way to add bulk to your diet.  I add chia seeds to my cereal, smoothies or soaked in water, I eat straight up.  It forms a thick jelly texture when soaked and is good for constipation.
  • Dandelion greens…..I juice these greens from time to time…or add them to my salad greens
  • Cruciferous veggies such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli.  I take fermented broccoli capsules daily to ensure that I get enough in case it doesn’t land in our weekly nutrition plan.  Of course eating the raw vegetables are the best way to get the benefits from cruciferous vegetables.
  • African Red Bush Tea known as “Rooibos”….is a great anti-inflammatory beverage….caffeine free and full of antioxidants….it’s delicious too. In the hot weather make the tea and chill it, add a little lemon and stevia to make a delicious ice tea.
  • Ginger….I cook with ginger when the food I’m making lends itself to ginger’s biting and spicy flavour.  My favourite way to get ginger in daily is I enjoy a cup of hot ginger tea every night after dinner.  It is a great digestive beverage.
  • Pistachios….a great nut with a meaty texture….I add to salads and stirfries and I buy Pistachio butter at my health food store.  It’s really good on toast.
  • Cacao….which is chocolate in it’s whole food form….great for desserts and smoothies
  • Olive Oil….I take about 4 teaspoons of top quality organic, first cold pressed olive oil a day straight off the teaspoon.  Plus I use it in salad dressings.  I prefer to cook with water or coconut oil as olive oil doesn’t have a high heat point.  Swallowing it from the spoon is ensuring I’m getting olive oils good benefits.

So these INFLAMMATION FIGHTERS are in my daily/weekly/monthly diet and I love each one of them.  Especially since I know they are working wonders for my internal landscape.  No inflammation is my goal.  Make it yours too.

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