Death from Junk Food….what?

Okay….so we often hear that smoking causes cancer, too much sun on your skin can cause cancer, chemical toxicity causes cancer, etc.

Did you know that studies are now showing that about 20% of early deaths are caused by JUNK FOOD and TOXIC INGREDIENTS  in processed foods.

When I read this article on Natural recently I was blown away by the statistics.  I knew that junk food was not healthy and that many processed foods are made with chemicals made to taste like food.  I avoid processed and junk food for that very reason…but to have studies now confirming that junk food is killing people, I took notice.

I’ve participated in fund raising walks in the past when I was mobile, for various charities such as cancer and MS.  It has always surprised me that after you get in from the charity walk the food offered to nourish you is pizza, hot dogs, pop, sugary cookies etc.  Junk food. These charities are raising money to boost research dollars to put an end to disease on one hand……but they are feeding their volunteers there helping to raise money, with toxic, cheap, nutrionless junk.  It’s very contradictory don’t you think?

To quote the article from “Natural News”…”72% of early deaths are from non-communicable diseases that are connected to dietary choices that lead to cardiovascular events, obesity, Type-2 diabetes and cancer.”  

Life expectancy statistics are going up but the quality of life these people are living in the extra years are plagued with disease and misery.    We should be living our lives actively and healthily right into our 4th quarter.  Then at the end of the 4th quarter we should be dying of old age.  That’s not the case anymore.  Most of us are living our last quarter with a serious illness.  Many are suffering even before their 4th quarter.

According to the Lancet Medical Journal, most of the illness and early or painful ends are a direct relation to choices made during our lifetime.  The studies are showing that 20% of early death and illness is caused by poor diet.

So going back to the charity fund raiser I vividly remember for Multiple Sclerosis early in my diagnosis, I couldn’t help but notice that the post-charity walk food offered was contributing to my illness, the illnesses of my peers and the death of so many.

In agreement with the author of the Natural News article, I would think that these charities that are trying to heal or find cures for these terrible illnesses would be more in tune with how diet and nutrition affect our health.

We, each and every one of us, must stop voting for junk food by not buying it, not eating it, not promoting it.  It’s killing us.  It’s causing early death, years of misery, high medical expense etc.

Let’s vote with our forks.  Choose organic, non-GMO fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds, berries, wild fish in moderation, superfoods etc.

Vote down the chemicals.  Choose to promote health for yourself and your family with what you put in your grocery store cart.  NO JUNK FOOD, NO PROCESSED FOOD.

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