OH MY GOODNESS……that’s all I can say about everything that has happened in this year, 2018.

I, and many others, are praying for a new beginning with this coming new year.

Our world is in decay….fast and furiously spiralling out of control.  There is so much hatred, racism, disrespect, anger, corruption and division in society today.  What on earth has happened?

I don’t like to say this, and I know I may get backlash from this opinion of mine, but I think this unrest has floated to the surface since the last presidential election in the USA.  That is regardless of whether people are Democrats or Republicans.  Watch CNN news and then watch FOX news.  I can’t help but notice the same thing beginning to happen in Canadian politics too.  It’s all bad.  It breaks my heart to see people of the same nationality hating each other because of their political choice.

I personally think it is “a runaway train”.  I don’t know how this division will ever be healed.  I’m afraid “the horse has already left the barn”….so to speak.

We are in the final quarter of our lives but we fear for our grandchildren.  What will the world be like when our grandchildren are adults?

Let’s pray that 2019 brings us all more empathy, compassion, love for thy neighbors regardless of the colour of their skin or their religious worship.

I really hope that 2019 is the year we  celebrate “love” again.    Please join me in praying for this shift back to love.

I think the world should make a resolution to return to “love”.  It’s all we really need.


God bless us all.



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