Processed Foods and other factors = Cancer

Research is now showing that higher incidence of cancer among all age groups is influenced by PROCESSED FOOD and it’s toxic ingredients.

This research out of Canada, shows that the total numbers of cancer that are linked to lifestyle choices and enviromental factors is a staggering 41%.   Oh my goodness….that’s unbelievable on one hand, but very believable on the other hand.

Most of us know that processed food is so inferior to whole foods.  But society is moving so fast and everybody is so busy in the fast lane that processed convenience foods and fast foods have become the norm for the majority of families today.  That is tragic.

There are several risk factors for cancer today.  According to the research they are as follows:

  • Smoking including secondary smoke,
  • being overweight and obesity,
  • inadequate physical activity or sedentary lifestyle,
  • diet and not enough fruit and vegetable in the diet,
  • low fiber intake,
  • excess red meat and processed meat,
  • too much salt,
  • low calcium and vitamin d intake,
  • alcohol consumption,
  • hormones and hormone therapy,
  • infections and viruses such as hepatitis B & C,
  • human papilloma virus,
  • air pollution,
  • natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation,
  • radon
  • water disinfection by-products

Researchers have found out that 41% of cancer cases can be paired up with the above list.

Smoking is the greatest risk, followed by being overweight and inactive.

This research study showed that if you do your utmost to avoid the above risk factors, Cancer is preventable.

Part of this study brings up the strong correlation between processed food and it’s toxic ingredients as a very big risk factor for cancer.  Most processed food is made up of non-food ingredients and chemicals, sugar and fats to make the fake foods taste better, look better, have longer shelf life, not necessarily need refrigeration due to preservatives, easy to microwave and unfortunately “addict” consumers to them.

Nowadays 80% of packaged food contains some kind of fructose or sugar.  The ingestion of sugar in any form is considered BAD DIET.  Along with that, too much bad saturated and/or hydrogenated fat intake is BAD DIET.   Processed food is full of bad fat.  Red meat, charred and barbecued meat contribute to the risk of pancreatic and breast cancer.  The real kicker though is PROCESSED FOODS.  Any food that has been altered from it’s original state or whole food state for convenience’s sake is a food you want to avoid.  Our grocery store shelves are jammed with processed foods.

Have you ever taken a few minutes in your grocery store to peer into the grocery carts of fellow shoppers passing by.  Not all, but most carts are full of sugar, high fat,  convenience foods.  I’m talking breakfast cereal, bread, crackers, snack foods, microwave meals, processed luncheon meats full of nitrates and nitrites, hot dogs, soda pop, high sugar fruit juices…and the list goes on.  Once in a while you may find someone with a cart like mine…full of whole foods, fruit, veggies, wild fish, organic poultry.  I’m not perfect but I do strive to live on whole foods 95% of the time.

Having said all that, there are minimally processed foods with very little added to their original state which would fall under the healthier options.  If you cannot recognize ingredients on a label or the label contains more than 6 ingredients then it is highly processed and you would be wise to pass it by.  Check that it has no hydrogenated inferior fats, low sugar, low sodium, and hopefully it is non-GMO and organic.

The takeaway regarding nutrition from this study is that we must avoid heavily processed foods such as lunch meats, hot dogs, salami, bacon, and sausages as they are all very high in nitrites, nitrates, and salt all leading to cancer.  “Eating 50 grams of processed meat every day increases one’s risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.  That’s the equivalent of about 4 strips of bacon or one hot dog,” researchers said.

As much as you can, reach for food in their WHOLE forms.  Go for fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauces and make your own sauce with real food.  Purchase fresh ingredients, take them home and create your own dishes from scratch.  It may be time consuming to do so but the health of the ones you love hangs in the balance otherwise.  Think of it as a valuable investment of time and money in health and longevity for you and your family.


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