Himalayan Salt

I was just talking to my Mom this morning about what kind of salt she is using in her kitchen.   The white bleached processed table salt is not the stuff I would recommend to her or anybody.

White table salt affects blood pressure, water retention and is just not good for you.    High sodium intake is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more.   If you take the time to read packages on processed food you may buy you will see high sodium levels in almost all processed food.

Back twenty years ago in the days before I became “health conscious” I would use lots of table salt.  I prefer salty over sweet hence my desire for salt.  It would result in puffiness around my eyes and my fingers were always swollen.  As soon as I switched to Himalayan Salt those “puffy” symptoms disappeared and I’ve never had that again.  My “go to” salt is Himalayan pink salt. I use it as our table salt, my cooking salt and I actually carry a little shaker bottle of it in my purse to use in restaurants instead of white table salt.

White salt is processed to the point that there are no minerals left in it.  I think of it as “white death”.  It has “anti-caking” agents in it to prevent it from clumping together.  These anti-caking agents contain toxins such as aluminum, a carcinogen that can accumulate in the brain and may lead to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  That’s some scary information…don’t you think?

Now on the flip side….Himalayan Salt has benefits.  This beautiful pink salt is completely different than processed white salt.    It contains 84 trace minerals which makes it a health food rather than a health hazard.

Himalayan salt has other benefits as well:

  1.  It supports heart health – it keeps blood pressure stable.  It won’t make the body retain water.
  2. Himalayan salt causes your body to make oxytocin which is a hormone that helps with relaxation and calming your mind and body.  You will sleep better.
  3. How about the fact that Himalayan salt helps with weight loss….isn’t that a bonus.    This pink salt helps with digestion.  The nutrients in this salt increase the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb nutrients.  You will feel less hungry if you have good digestion.
  4. Our body requires lots of water.  When you use Himalayan salt in your daily regime it is like mixing your own sports drink.  The salt contains minerals that are electrolytes required to help regulate the bodily fluids.  You are less likely to suffer from dehydration when using this awesome salt.

You have heard of people having Epson salt baths….well you can use Himalayan salt in your bath water.  It will help the body relax and infuse your skin with moisture and minerals.  A bath of this nature will help with cramped muscles.  The minerals will also help to fortify the bones, skin and connective tissues.  This salt will also help to draw out toxins leaving you feeling refreshed.

So ditch the white stuff.  Do yourself a nutritional favour and go to your local health store or the whole foods section of your market and pick up some pink Himalayan salt.



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