Country Living

Awe….that peaceful, natural country life.

It has been proven that life in the country is way better for our health than living in the rat race of a city.

Two very different lifestyles…we’ve tried both in our lifetime.  I have to say that “country living” wins hands down.

There are pros and cons to both addresses.

In the city you have access to everything you could possibly need or want.  You have restaurants, big box stores, theaters, sporting events, shopping malls, hospitals and medical facilities, public transit, more job opportunities, more housing choices like condos, apartments, houses and the list goes on.

In the country you have cleaner air, nature and green space, more birds, less noise, less stress, more privacy, beautiful scenery, an almost zen like lifestyle.  You are in the environment that city people try to get to on weekends.  At night you can enjoy a sky full of stars.  Country living brings on a greater sense of community where neighbours look out for neighbours.  Real estate is generally less expensive for the same square footage, lower crime rates

The cons to city living would have to be that it’s more expensive to live in the city, there is more crime, pollution, lots of traffic which elevates stress, noise from sirens and construction etc.  Life is generally more fast paced and kind of chaotic.

The cons to country living is no quick fix fast food delivery or restaurant options nearby.  Everything you  need is a car drive away.  Living in the country or small town results in people nearby knowing your business.  There is not as much anonymity as there is in a big city.

It’s really a matter of personal preference.  With us, we’ve tried both.  In fact our lifestyle now is such that we are in a kind of city environment down south in the USA in the winter months.  Up north in Canada for the summer we enjoy the peace and serenity of country life.  We have found ourselves a perfect little hang out on Vancouver Island at the top of a mountain that looks out over wilderness.  We have the best of both worlds.  There is no commercialism on the mountain other than two beautifully scenic golf courses.  A five minute drive down the mountain gives us all the commercialism we need.

You’ve heard me say this before but I’ll say it again….. “LIFE IS GOOD”.



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