Top 10 Poisins in the Daily Diet!

I thought this was an appropriate follow up post to last weeks post about “Daily Diet Habits”.

There are many toxic additives in our food today.  In our fast paced world where everything has to be convenient and ready at the push of a microwave button, we need to be very mindful of what we are injesting.

As per an article in Natural News, (one of my favourite websites for health promoting journalism), posted in October 2017, I will share the list of highly toxic chemicals the average household is putting into their bodies on a daily basis.  This inclusion of these toxins in our food is, no doubt, the reason why cancer and other serious illnesses are on the rapid rise.

  1. INSECTICIDES – These are sprayed on conventional fruits and vegetables and grains to kill bugs and weeds.  There is no regard for human health here.  It’s all about the money.  These insecticides are absolutely toxic to human health causing cancer and dementia, to name a few illnesses related to their use.    Choose organic fruits, veggies and grains whenever possible to avoid these poisonous carcinogens.
  2. GLYPHOSATE – Roundup, the most popular weed killer, is 50% glyphosate.  Staple crops have glyphosate in their genetic makeup now.  Companies are breeding crops that withstand heavier spraying without killing the plant.   The plant won’t die but it’s killing humans, bees and farm animals.  Crazy…. right????
  3. SODIUM FLUORIDE – This is a byproduct of industries in China, imported to the USA as an insecticide and added to drinking water.
  4. BLEACH – Did you know that most white foods are bleached to become white?  This bleach causes pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer…both cancer’s on the rise….and both the hardest cancers to survive.  Do not eat white bread, white rice, white flour, white sugar or white pasta.  It’s all bleached.
  5. BISPHENOL A (BPA) – This is contained in plastic containers and canned foods.  Personally, I changed all of my plastic storage containers to glass and I buy plastic food storage bags that are listed as BPA free. There are canned food companies now offering BPA free cans.  Look for that important statement on canned foods.
  6. BENZENE – commonly used in pop beverages.  It is a petrochemical and constituent of crude oil.   And it’s in sofa pop.  Yuk!  Drink pure water or herbal tea….so much better for you.
  7. HEXANE – a solvent and cleaning agent used in processing canola oil and soy oil.  This is commonly found in baby formulas, vegetable burger patties, fruit and nut bars and some protein drinks.    Watch for canola and soy oil on labels of foods you may currently consume.  If you find it…change your brand to a cleaner one.
  8. PCB’S – chlorine compound often found in salmon and canned sardines
  9. ASPARTAME – This is the most used artificial sweetener.  It actually causes weight gain so those of you using it for weight loss… think again.  The patent confirms that it is the excrement of genetically modified bacteria.  Aspartame is known to play with your brain.  It is an ABSOLUTE NO NO for Multiple Sclerosis patients as it causes brain cell death.  In fact sympt0ms of aspartame poisoning mimic symptoms of MS and dementia.
  10. AMMONIA – Apparantly the meat industry has a theory, “if it doesn’t kill you within 24 hours then it’s safe”.  Most conventional red meat is treated with ammonia to kill E-coli bacteria and then dyed back to pink for eye appeal.  OMG…that is insane.

I, and many like minded people, doctors, nutritionists prescribe one dietary change for better health and that is EAT AN ORGANIC, PRIMARILY PLANT BASED DIET to stave off disease.  If you can eliminate all of these toxins from your diet then you are stacking the odds in your favour.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any of those chemicals running through my precious body.



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