I’m learning about Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis

I’ve touched on this topic in a previous post.

This new and exciting, soon to be legal in Canada, non-pharmaceutical approach to treating Multiple Sclerosis is interesting to me.

I’m learning about Marijuana strains and how they affect my disease and other diseases.

There is a ton of info online and in the news about Medical Marijuana and which strains are best for MS.  I will share some of the info I’ve found here in this post.

Multiple Sclerosis has many disruptive symptoms and medical marijuana has been proven to calm down some of these unpleasant symptoms.

  1.  Sojay Haze (a Sativa strain) is energizing and helpful for MS patients suffering from fatigue.  It is a good daytime marijuana.  It will put the body into a relaxed state and will allow one to “chill” but still have a focused mind.  There is a pharmaceutical drug based on Sativa used in the UK called Sativex.  I  don’t want to take pharmaceuticals if I can help it so would much rather experiment with this gift from Mother Nature.
  2. Russian Assassin (an Indica strain) is a great nighttime Marijuana as it relaxes one and induces sleep.  It keeps body pain at bay, in a sense it numbs the body.  You will fall asleep with ease and any stress you feel will dissipate.
  3. Super Sour Diesel (hybrid strain) produces energy like the Sativa strain as well as the deep relaxation and pain relief of the indica strain.  This is a good strain for those who still need to function during the day, needing daytime energy but also needing pain relief.  This strain has a high level of THC which is the part of Marijuana that gives one a “buzz”.  A little bit of this medical marijuana goes a long way.
  4. Critical Mass (Indica strain) can make one sleepy and couch bound but relaxes the mind and body eliminating stress and pain.    It is good for MS patients suffering from pain and depression.  An evening strain because of it’s high level of THC and CBD.
  5. One To One (hybrid strain) is equal in THC and CBD and equal in indica and Sativa.  The higher CBD content implies less psychoactive events and more healing power.  This strain is great for easing muscle cramps and spasms associated with MS.

I have been trying Medical Marijuana for sleeping.  I don’t suffer any pain or muscle spasms at this point so don’t experiment with marijuana during the day.  I don’t want to live my days in a “buzzed” state but tucking into bed at night with a “buzz” is a great way to get deep quality sleep.

I think we are onto something with using Medical Marijuana to help alleviate bodily symptoms arising from many of our diseases of the modern world.

If you are going to experiment with Medical Marijuana, I suggest you reach out to someone who knows and has experimented with different strains and knows what they are talking about.

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