Lavender – Pretty and purposeful

I love lavender.  It is a beautiful and fragrant gift from Mother Nature.

Not only is it a pretty and fragrant plant….it is very useful in the many different ways it is used in everyday products from medicinal aids, essential oils, cleaning products, home decor, landscaping and even used in food preparation.

Some of the most popular uses for lavender is it’s ability to reduce stress, boost mood, promote quality sleep, help with skin irritation, anti-inflammatory, and help reduce a bloated and upset digestive system to name a few.

You may have come across Lavender in the culinary world used in honey, sauces, beverages, tea etc.  Lavender is a member of the mint family so definitely a great addition to certain recipes.

The use of lavender for stress reduction being the most common use.  You can make a tea from steeping the flowers to sip for internal healing or you can take the lavender flower and rub it between your fingers to get a bit of the oil from the plant and rub it on your temples.  Personally, I prefer to use the pure lavender essential oil, which I get from LIVING LIBATIONS.  I know that Nadine’s essential oils are organic and as pure as anything out there.  The link for Living Libations is at the bottom of this page.

Because I struggle a bit with insomnia or restless sleep from time to time, I like to take my lavender oil and rub it on my temples and put a few drops on my pillow before bed.  The fragrance brings on a sense of calm and helps me to drift to sleep. It is a very beneficial form of “aromatherapy “.    You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a diffuser and allow this beautiful scent to fill your bedroom with that calming aroma before bed.

Lavender is a great anti-inflammatory too.  If you have some lavender flowers or essential oil, you can add it to your bath water and soak in the aroma of lavender rising in the steam of the water.

Lavendar is found in many skin care products because it helps to prevent dry skin patches, psoriasis, acne and eczema. It is also antiseptic in quality so can be applied to a cut or wound for a boost of healing and prevent infection.

The stress reducing qualities of Lavender help reduce blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Polyphenols in Lavender help reduce digestive disturbances such as gas and bloating.  Use the leaves in a tea to help eliminate gut discomfort.

So you now know all of the helpful ways that lavendar can help.  It’s such a pretty colour and very fragrant.   You can grow it in your garden but it grows like mint….rapidly and spreads far.

Get some lavendar in your arsenal for restful sleep, reducing stress and so much more.

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