I have posted about GOJI BERRIES in previous posts.  They are certainly worth the added attention of a second post.

Goji berries are not something everybody keeps in their pantry for regular consumption.  It is not a berry as commonly used like a blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or blackberry.  But they should be marketed and displayed in our grocery stores as a “superfood” fit for daily consumption.  They are a “superfood” berry from Asia.  Asians refer to them as “red diamonds” as they are extremely high in nutritional value.

Goji berries are sold in health foods stores and many online sources.  They are sold in sealed bags as they have been dried like a raisin.  I certainly go after organic non-GMO berries when I purchase them.  There is so much tainted food coming into our country from questionable sources in China that investing in good quality Goji berries is a smart investment in your health.  Go for the best!

One small handful of goji berries packs a major nutritional punch.    If you consumed one small handful a day of this gem you would be giving your body 18 amino acids, which includes the 8 essential aminos which makes a goji berry a complete protein.  So you are getting protein from this berry.  You will also be getting 6 essential fatty acids, 22 trace minerals and 11 essential vitamins such as A, C, B-complex and E.  As well as 140 percent of your daily value of vitamin A, 100 percent of your daily value of iron, copper and riboflavin, selenium, 24 percent of your daily value of potassium, and 18 percent of your daily value of zinc.  Don’t stop there….the goji is a premium source of antioxidants rated as #1 in the ORAC food score which evaluates and scores foods for their antioxidant values.  Goji berries contain more vitamin C per ounce than oranges.  They are also a wonderful source of dietary fiber.

Daily consumption of this “red diamond” will certainly benefit your health.  Your immune system will thank you.  With the high amount of vitamin C in these berries your immune system will definitely get a boost.  Your liver will be supported for all of the amazing functions it performs. You will see improvements in your hair, skin and eye health.  Your cardiovascular system will benefit as will your kidneys.  One other amazing benefit from eating these berries regularly is that there are a natural antidepressant so you will be less moody.

To get goji’s into your daily regime there are many ways of doing this.  Of course the simplest way is to snack on a handful of goji’s right out of their package just like you would eat a handful of raisins.  I like to sprinkle them on my cereal or add them to my smoothies.  You could certainly add them to baking recipes, put them on top of salads for a tangy twist,  they are really good in granola, mixed into with your favorite nuts to make a healthy trail mix, boiled to make tea, goji jam for toast, stirred into your hot oatmeal etc.  You will come across several protein or meal replacement bars with goji berries in them too.

Trust me here…..you want to add these berries to your health arsenal.  Just source out some organic and non-GMO berries.  Get in the habit of “a daily dose” of goji heaven.  Your health will benefit.  Your body will thank you.


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