Amla, or Indian Gooseberry is a superfood from areas of Asia and India.  It is a plum size yellow fruit ….so good for your health.

I started adding Amla powder to my daily smoothie’s as an extra boost to my immune system about 2 years ago.   Amla is very high on the ORAC scale for antioxidant properties.

Powdered Amla contains very high levels of the antioxidant Vitamin C so I’ve been really pumping it into me over this past winter cold and flu season.  It also contains flavonoids and tannin.  These health promoting compounds are shown to reduce oxidative stress in the body.  Using it regularly helps boost your immune system naturally.

The fiber content in Amla is helpful for supporting digestion.  It is an effective cure for constipation.  It is also a great assistant in the treatment of stomach acidity and ulcers.

Amla, also knows as Amalaki, is known to benefit your hair and skin.  So if anti-aging is your thing, consuming amla on a daily basis will help slow down the aging of your skin.  I actually get told by many people that I have a healthy complexion……could it be because of the Amla…..maybe so.

Amla is a sweet, sour, and bitter flavor so I toss a teaspoon of the powder into my daily smoothie.  The bitter and pungent flavor disappears into the blend of fruits, greens and almond milk my smoothie is made up of.

Because of the high vitamin C, and a pure form of such vitamin, Amla provides nutrients that strengthen blood vessels. It also boosts your immunity so you can fight infections easily…for example the common cold and flu.  It also fights free radicals in the body helping to fight against cancer and inflammation.

Amla helps to prevent heart disease by helping to regulate your LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol.

Bottom line is this…..add some Amla powder to your smoothies, sprinkle on your cereal, and even add a bit to your baking.  You will be giving your body a much needed antioxidant boost, a digestive boost, an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory boost.

Just another nutritional addition to my daily regime that I know is helping my body fight the fight.



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