Remember these things…..

Oh my goodness, what is happening to society.  There is so much hate and competition and jealousy and animosity and political division in our world today.  It’s so unsettling.  It’s scary, really.

You’ve surely heard the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

There are things we need to remember to practice in our lives which will contribute to bringing love back into society.

  1. Everybody’s trail through life is different.  We are all on our own journey.  Stop comparing yourself to others and cut your own path through your pasture.
  2. Be grateful for each day you are blessed with.  Never take your health or your time on this earth for granted.  It can change in a nano-second.
  3. We are all entitled to to our own opinions but they don’t define our reality.  Yes, we are all opinionated.  It’s just the way our brains work.  But just because we think one way doesn’t mean everybody should agree.
  4. Quitters are the only people who fail.  Don’t give up.  Quitters never prosper.
  5. Karma….what goes around comes around.  Payback is a “bitch”…they say.
  6. Being kind to others is free and freeing.  By showing compassion to others we are creating healthy cells in ourselves.
  7. Happiness comes from within.  We don’t get happy from material things.  Remember that.  Some of the wealthiest people are the most unhappy people.
  8. Overthinking leads to sadness and worry.  When we overthink we make things far worse than they really are.  We create stress in our bodies and that can lead to illness.
  9. Think positive and you will produce positive reality.  What we put out to the universe is what we get back.
  10. Time makes things better.  Everything gets better with time.  It’s true.  When you are grieving the loss of something or someone dear to your heart it takes time to ease your broken heart.
  11. We cannot change the past so don’t dwell in the “has been”.  Live for today.  Live in the now.  Dwelling on the past can create depression and unhappiness.  It can affect your entire well being if you let it.  Move on.
  12. Being judgemental is a character flaw.  Who made you the perfect being?  Stop judging others.  As I said earlier, we are all on our own journey’s through life and just because you don’t agree with the way someone else is living or behaving or dressing or whatever….it’s none of your business.
  13. A smile warms the heart.  Share smiles everyday.

In this social climate we need to circle back to “love”.

Dionne Warwick’s song “What the World Needs Now” is something we should all be listening to every day before we head out the door to do our daily living.  The lyrics say it all….”What the world needs now is love sweet love, It’s the only thing that there’s just to little of, What the world needs now is love sweet love, No, not just for some but for everyone”.

The lyrics in this song are so relevant NOW.


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