Back to Low Fat Swank Diet….

As you’ve read in my previous posts, I switched from a low fat, primarily vegan diet to a high good fat and grass fed meat diet since last summer.  Well….here I am back to tell you it did not agree with my Multiple Sclerosis.

The Swank Diet for Multiple Sclerosis is a very low saturated fat diet made up of healthy and very lean proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables, high fiber grains, nuts and seeds.

These two diets are extreme on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I believe that my 6 month experiment eating the high healthy fat meat diet caused my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms to excelerate and rapidly.  I’ve been suffering insomnia, very weak legs, physical lassitude and low mood.

I’ve now climbed back into the Swank nutrition lifestyle and will stay this way for life.  I must do it to try to maintain the little bit of mobility I have left.  It’s so confusing, this Multiple Sclerosis.  The medical profession does not excel in nutrition education so when you are dealing with something such as MS, you are really flying your own airplane.  There is no medical route to diet and nutrition.  You have to self educate yourself, connect with others who have MS and do what you can to find that perfect lifestyle that promotes health and healing.

The Swank Diet allows up to 15 grams of saturated fat per day, staying near 5 grams or under is best.  The guidelines for healthy oils or unsaturated fat is between 20 and 50 grams per day.  You are not to eat any red meat for the first year and after that you can add 3 ounces of red meat per week.  Dairy is limited to only those products limited to 1% saturated fat, although I don’t use dairy.  I use almond milk as my dairy.  Processed food is taboo.  I can overdose on veggies and fruit which is great.   Good quality grains are encouraged.  Eggs are limited.  Brown rice pasta and brown rice are okay.  White meat poultry without skin and wild fish are permitted.  Nuts and seeds are fine but one must be mindful of the fat in them and count that in the daily allowance.

So basically Swank is a well rounded healthy way of eating.  And if it’s going to give me back some mobility and energy I had 6 months ago, I’ll do anything to recuperate.

So, further to my previous posts about the EAT FAT, GET SLIM diet full of high fat grass fed meats and butter, it’s probably a great diet for someone who isn’t operating at a deficit already.  But in my case….it was a bad choice I made and I’m paying the price now.  Hopefully I can report back in 6 months time and say that getting back to Swank gave me some health and mobility back.  Fingers crossed.


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