MCT OIL…medium chain triglycerides is gaining much ground in the health and wellness world.  I take 2 tablespoons of MCT OIL each day in my smoothie or in my organic coffee..(yes, I’m now enjoying coffee once a day as a delivery beverage for my MCT daily dose).

You have probably heard of “nutritional ketosis’.  This is the healthy state your body goes into when you have a consistent diet where you are avoiding carbohydrates and filling your nutritional bank with healthy fats, grass fed animal proteins, wild fish, organic veggies, nuts and seeds.  You are avoiding dairy, gluten, grains, legumes and sugar.   This state of ketosis causes your body to burn fat as the primary fuel instead of the glucose and carbohydrates it would normally go after.  Burning high quality fats produces ketones.

In a nutshell, ketones are the ideal fuel for your mitochondria (cells) as they are clean burning and produce less free radicals than fuel from carbohydrates.

MCT OIL is beneficial for creating ketosis and maintaining it.  So that is why I have added it to the eating plan I am following based on Dr. Hyman’s book EAT FAT, GET THIN and Dr. Joseph Mercola’s FAT FOR FUEL.

As written on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s blog about MCT OIL, there are a few important points he makes about this healthy fat.

  • MCT’s or medium chain triglycerides bypass the normal digestive processes, diffuse across your intestinal membrane and go directly to you liver to be used as a clean-burning fuel for your entire body and your brain. (With my Multiple Sclerosis, nourishing my brain is of utmost importance to my long term prognosis)
  • MCT is a great way to get extra fat into your diet.  It is tasteless so you can add it to foods and beverages such as coffee to get the extra fat calories.
  • Because of their rapid conversion to energy, MCTs are an ideal way to help stop hunger pangs.  They boost satiety when following the ketogenic diet.

To learn more scientific information about MCT and ketosis I suggest you read Dr. Hyman’s book  “EAT FAT, GET THIN” or Dr. Joseph Mercola’s book “FAT FOR FUEL”.  I read a lot of books about nutrition and wellness and these two doctors research and knowledge sharing take high priority when I am looking for leading edge nutrition information.

I get my MCT oil from Dr. Mercola’s website.  It is a great product, being 95% Caprylic Acid MCT oil.  It has zero trans fatty acids and is non-GMO.  Both of these points are very important to consider when looking for a quality MCT oil.

My favorite way to use MCT oil is to make a large French press of organic coffee.  Put about 12 ounces of steeped coffee, 1 or 2 tablespoons MCT oil and 2 tablespoons of raw butter from grass fed cows into my nutra bullet.  I spin it for about 15 seconds just until the butter has blended into the liquid.  When pouring this mixture into your cup it is frothy on top just like a latte.  I sprinkle the top with cinnamon and enjoy this delicious beverage, referred to as “BULLETPROOF COFFEE”.  It makes my day!

It’s quite a change for me to be eating animal proteins and butter again after being raw vegan, then vegan and then vegetarian over the past 10 years…..but I can tell you this.  I am maintaining a healthy weight, have more brain clarity, more physical energy etc.  It is much easier to prepare one meal for both my sweetie and I.  It is actually very satisfying and enjoyable to be eating animal protein again.  BUT…IT HAS TO BE GRASS FED, ORGANIC.  No compromise here.  If we are out in restaurants….I still opt for the vegan, gluten free options when I can’t get grass fed proteins.  Many restaurants offer WILD SALMON or other wild fish options so those are also good options when dining out.

I will do a future blog on why grass fed animal protein is better for you over conventional animal protein.



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