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As it turns out, the leading edge of research into nutrition and what’s best for the human body is changing.

We have been taught by nutritionists, doctors, the Food Pyramid and other sources that a low fat diet is the way to go.  Well…..the theory on this is changing and rapidly.  With obesity at an all time high, eating low fat is actually causing obesity.  And with the increase in simple carbohydrate consumption the majority of people are getting bigger and sicker.   The majority of people are not able to lose weight and keep themselves at a healthy weight eating this high carb and low fat regime.  Diabetes and cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases are on the rise.  The era of convenience foods is killing us.

The next frontier in eating healthy and keeping your brain and mitochondria (cells) happy is actually a “high fat diet”…. a “high HEALTHY FAT diet”.  Good fats should be the foundation of our diets.

Leading edge research is showing that feeding our bodies healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, MCT oil, good quality extra virgin olive oil, fats like organic ghee and organic butter produced from milk of grass fed cows, red meat from grass fed bison, lamb and cows, pasture raised chickens and their eggs, organic nuts and seed, chia, flax, hemp, wild salmon and other wild fish is promoting good health and lean body fat.

Its hard to wrap your head around that right…..well it’s true.  I’ve been eating this way now for a few months.  Yes….after being raw vegan, cooked vegan and then vegetarian, I’ve gone full circle back to eating animal protein and lots of healthy fats.  What a treat.  Think about it… organic broccoli is swimming in butter from grass fed cows.  Who’d of thought this would be part of my nutrition regime.

I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman’s “EAT FAT, GET THIN” way of life for a few months now.  It’s a delicious way of enjoying great food whilst losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

The eating plan helps you lose weight, decrease cravings for bad foods, balance blood sugar and blood pressure and many are experiencing healing from different health issues and diseases.

You will be avoiding any hydrogenated fats and vegetable oils, processed foods, gluten, artificial sweeteners, processed deli meats, grains, dairy other than grass fed ghee and butter, beans, fruit, alcohol.

After the first 21 days some of the foods you have avoided in the initial 3 weeks can be added back in small amounts.  Of course there are certain vegetables and fruits to eat during the first 21 days listed in the book along with great recipes for the food groups you will enjoy on this plan.

I am really enjoying this eating plan.  It makes my kitchen time easier as I can prepare meals enjoyed by my sweetie too.

Check out this great new way of eating in the book “EAT FAT, GET THIN” by Dr. Mark Hyman.  Dr. Hyman is a leading edge Functional Medicine doctor and head of the Functional Medicine department at the Cleveland Clinic.  He is a voice to listen to in the natural health and wellness world.  I admire his work.



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