Happy New Year 2018

Another calendar year has flown by.

This past year has brought lots of interesting, unsettling and tragic news to the forefront.  This runs from political division, nuclear threats, riots and racial protesting, the pending legalization of marijuana, sexual harassment charges and subsequent firings of powerful men, mass shootings, etc.

All I can say is let’s say a prayer for peace and getting society back to “loving thy neighbour”.  It seems that these basic things are under threat.

As you ring in 2018, please be mindful of everything you have to be grateful for.

As this new year starts why don’t we all try to be more loving, kind and considerate of those around us…loved ones, business associates, acquaintances and even people we don’t know who cross our paths.

“Happy New Year….wishing you and your family a good one.  Open a new book today.  Forget all of your worries and welcome 2018.  A new year has arrived and with it comes new expectations, new experiences, new opportunities, new friendships, new challenges.  Enjoy the year ahead.  May your 2018 be full of joy, peace, good health and happiness.


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