Negativity is Poison

Oh my goodness….there is so much negativity in our society today.  What’s up with that?  So many people seem so unhappy, stressed, stretched to the breaking point with debt, illness, relationship problems etc.

People are always playing the blame game.  Nobody takes responsibility for their errors…always looking for someone to point their fingers at other than taking it on themselves.  This is happening from the highest positions in government right on down to children bullying their peers.

It’s rampant.  It’s poisonous.  Something needs to change.

Negativity eats away at your soul.  Like a virus it can be contagious.  If you’ve read the book “Law of Attraction” then you are familiar with the concept that what you put out there into the universe is what you will get back.  If you are negative all the time then you will likely find yourself experiencing lots of unpleasant situations and events.  You are bringing them into your life because that is the mindset you are in and that is all you will see.  You can’t see the beauty in life because you have put up a black curtain to block it out.  This negativity is toxic.

Let’s try and be nicer to one another and of course, be nicer to ourselves.  Living negative is destructive, such that it could manifest disease in your body.  There is so much to be grateful for in this world.  We must strive to behave better, to respect each other, take responsibility for our own woes and try to live in harmony with our surroundings.

There are some toxic habits we all need to eliminate in our lives.

  • Gossiping about others is a very toxic behaviour.  You aren’t perfect.  Nobodies perfect.  Keep your nose in your own business and stop being so judgemental of others and how they live their lives.
  • Worrying, of which I just dedicated a whole post on.  This emotion doesn’t get you anywhere but stressed out.  We all tend to worry about things that haven’t happened yet and quite possibly will never happen.  We fear the unknown.  We set ourselves up for the worse case scenario.  Worrying will only give you high blood pressure and sleepless nights.
  • Not allowing forgiveness in your life.  When you hold a grudge against somebody you are doing more harm to yourself than to the person you are angry with.  Get over it.  The other person doesn’t care that you are holding a grudge.  Stop wasting valuable energy.
  • Stretching the truth is a negative behaviour.  If you are doing something that you have to tell a lie about then you are only harming yourself.
  • Holding on to things from our past is such a waste of valuable “today” time.  So many people hold onto things that happened 30 years ago and all that does is hold them ransom from being happy and living for today.  If you were dealt some nastiness years ago, learn from it, and move on.  It’s not what happened to us in the past that matters, it’s how we handle it and grow from it.
  • Jealousy is called the “green monster” for a reason.  It’s very toxic.  Learning to live in a mindset of pride for what you have and what you have accomplished and stop comparing yourself or your situation to others is of utmost importance to your happiness and success.  There will always be people ahead of you, who have more stuff than you do, who have a better body than you do..etc.  Get over it.
  • Love yourself.  Talk nicely to yourself.  Get up every morning.  Look in the mirror and send love to that beautiful person you see reflecting back at you.
  • Stop making yourself out to be a victim.  This behaviour will undoubtedly bring you more negativity.  You have so much to be thankful for.  People don’t like to hang out with someone who is always putting themselves low on the Totum pole of life.  Rise and shine sweetheart.

I don’t know about you but I see so much of all of this “negative” stuff going on day to day with so many people.  From the receptionist in an office I may visit, to a sales clerk at a store, a grocery store clerk, a car next to you at the lights….there is just so much anger, road rage, jealousy, celebrity idolizing, sense of entitlement etc.

Let’s get our act together.  Love your neighbours.  Stop the bullying.

Life is beautiful…and get’s more beautiful when we look out through loving, caring eyes.



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