IMG_1573Mulberries are very beneficial to our health.

Many people think a mulberry is the same as a black berry.  Not true!

Mulberries are native to Asia, Europe and Africa.  The blackberry is native to South America and parts of the northern hemisphere.  Mulberries grow on trees and Blackberries grow on thorny bushes.

For the purpose of today’s post I will talk about the Mulberry.

Mulberries are not readily available in their freshest form on the grocery store shelf but you can find them packaged in bags as dehydrated fruit such as a dried cranberry.

The Mulberry has many nutritional benefits.  Some say it is a powerhouse or superfood.

First of all the berry is an excellent source of protein.  We think of protein coming from meats, beans and nuts but in this case, the Mulberry comes through with lots of protein.  A 3 ounce serving contains 9 grams of protein.  That is amazing.

Other elements of the Mulberry include iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, E and K, niacin and fiber, folate and thiamine.

The free radical fighter resveratrol found in this fruit, also found in red grapes, hence red wine, is plentiful and helps to promote strong heart health.  The berry also contains flavonoids, lutein, carotene and lanthyocyanin.  All very powerful polynutrients.

If you are at all familiar with Chinese medicine and it’s use of plants and herbs in healing you will know that the Mulberry plays a role in this centuries old practice.  The Mulberry is considered a blood tonic cleansing the blood and improving circulation.

Some of the benefits of using this berry in your nutritional arsenal is that it is an anti-cancer superfood due to it’s high antioxidant levels.  Improved blood circulation and better cardiovascular health are a benefit.  Liver cleansing and kidney strengthening. With the high vitamin C levels in this fruit it makes for a natural immune fighter and can help in the prevention of viral conditions like flu and colds.  It is used in post-op situations accelerating healing and reducing inflammation.  Mulberries contain compounds that help regulate blood sugar hence helping in the prevention of diabetes.  Mulberries strengthen the central nervous system which is good for my Multiple Sclerosis.

Mulberries are also good for vision, enhancing appetite, controlling cholesterol, anti-aging of the skin, regrowth of hair loss and retaining natural hair color.  This list goes on.

Wow….what a superfoood is right.

I buy organic dried mulberries and add them to my cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or even on top of salad greens.  I’ve added them to my smoothies too.

So next time you are in the natural foods or health foods section of your local market look for a bag of organic dried mulberries.  Regular use of these powerful little gems is a wise investment in your health.


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