Miracle Balls

IMG_1582Maybe you’ve heard about “Miracle Balls”.  Maybe you use them in your exercise regime.  I just learned about them this past May from my personal trainer friend, Tanya Morrison, http://Www.moveyourbody.ca who comes to my home 3 days a week to help me keep my MS ravaged limbs stretched and strengthened.

Miracle Balls were introduced to the world by Elaine Petrone.  Elaine, while training to be a dancer,  found herself racked with chronic back pain and right leg pain and weakness. After trying many medical and alternative therapy interventions to no avail,  Elaine was stressed to the maximum and experienced depression.  She was on pharmaceuticals to deal with her pain and anxiety.  She was not able to dance.

It turned out that the effort Elaine was putting into trying to heal herself was interfering with her body’s alignment.  Elaine started working with therapists who worked on breathing and alignment.  She had an “ah ha” moment and realized that the human body has its own ability to realign itself using gravity.

Elaine started experimenting with placing small soft balls under different parts of her body and to her amazement her body realigned itself.  She spent hours on these balls each day allowing the tension in her muscles to release.  After awhile she was able to get back to her dancing.

Elaine started working with doctors and therapists teaching her “ball” method to others with great success.  Hence the “Miracle Ball Method” was born.

The very first day that I tried the Miracle Balls under my hips for just 5 minutes, I was able to walk a little smoother.  So one session a week Tanya and I work on the balls and I love it.

On my own time I started putting the balls under my hips, shoulders and neck each evening while lying on the floor of my living room, breathing deeply and just relaxing onto the balls.  The releasing sensation I get in my joints and muscles is amazing.   This method is very easy and almost meditative.  I’m definitely feeling changes in my “Multiple Sclerosis” crooked alignment.

I will continue to schedule 15 to 20 minutes of “ball” time for myself each day and anticipate great things from this simple and effective “Miracle Ball Method”.

If you suffer from any kind of pain whether it be in your back, leg, neck, shoulder etc. do yourself a favour and purchase a set of Miracle Balls.  I got mine from http://www.amazon.ca for under $25.00 and they come with a little book of exercises.  Well worth the investment!!!



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