Second Love

I get newsletters from a site called “Lessons Learned in Life”.  It’s a daily newsletter that sends out inspiring quotes and messages about various aspects of life, love, spirituality etc.  I have been inspired by many of the messages on numerous occasions.  I have even forwarded messages to friends and family who are dealing with something in their lives that a message from this site relates to.

This morning I opened up the site and there was a really interesting article about second time around relationships and why they are better, bigger and stronger.  It makes sense….so I decided to share it here on my site.   I hope it strikes a cord with you as it did with me….if you are in a “second” relationship.  Now that’s not to say that you can’t have a long and loving relationship with “first love”.  I know many people who have been married to their high school sweetheart for many long years and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I applaud these couples.  But this “second love” article struck a cord with me.


“Second love teaches you how to love again after you’ve been broken.  It teaches you that love still exists, that you’re capable of loving again and loving harder.  That you can still have faith in love no matter how much pain your first love caused you.  Second love is there to pick up the pieces.

Second love gives you hope.  That your fairy tale is still out there.  That heartbreak is not the end of the world and that there are better things ahead.  It shows you what happens when you move on, when you let go, when you try again and when you never lose hope.  Second love shows you the light after the dark.

Second love is braver.  It means you know how to forgive, you know how to risk getting hurt again because it’s worth it.  It means that you’re prepared for the worst but you’re hoping for the best.  Second love makes you stronger.

Second love makes you believe in timing.  Why things didn’t work out the first time around, why you fell in love with the wrong person, why you had to get your heartbroken and why someone left you when they promised to love you.  It’s here to tell you that there is always a valid reason behind your pain and that loving someone doesn’t always mean they’re right for you.  Second love answers all of these questions.

Second love makes sense.  It’s not based on childhood fantasies or lust or infatuation.  It’s not blind or reckless or toxic.  It’s not based on unrealistic expectations or sheer obsession.  Second love comes after you’ve learned to listen to your gut, to watch for the red flags, to pick someone because they will add value to your life and when you’ve learned to make decisions out of maturity and not out of loneliness.

Second love shows you that you can be someone’s first choice and shows you what it really means to be LOVED.

Written by Rania Naim

On July 20th my sweetie and I mark our 27th year together in “unmarried” bliss.  It is a second relationship for both of us….both having been married and divorced before we met each other.  I can honestly say that “Second Love” is the real  McCoy…at least in my life.  I’m BLESSED  to be celebrating 27 years with the kindest, most generous, helpful, supportive and beautiful man ever.  He’s my rock.  Cheers to “SECOND LOVE”.

Happy Anniversary to my sweetie.   I love you to the moon and back!


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