livingI stopped wearing pretty smelling conventional perfumes and my hubby stopped wearing manly colognes several years ago.  Now when I am around someone who has perfume on it almost gives me a headache.  Why is that?

There are thousands of chemicals used in the production of women’s perfumes and men’s colognes.  Fragrance is created with the use of some 3000 chemicals.  Most of these chemicals have never been tested for their toxicity.  These chemicals can trigger allergies, asthma symptoms and migraine headaches to name a few conditions.

You may have noticed at your doctor’s office or dentist’s office or even at your gym where you go to exercise….there is a sign requesting that you refrain from wearing perfumes when attending these places.  That is because there are so many people who are chemical sensitive and the presence of fragrances is a primary trigger for these people.

Most of the chemicals are petrochemicals.  This would include benzene, phthalates, aldehydes and many more.  These chemicals have been linked to cancer, birth defects, nervous system problems and severe allergies.  You will find many of these chemicals on the ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTIONS AGENCY list of “hazardous waste”.  That is just crazy to think that these perfumes and colognes are sold to unsuspecting consumers and legally.  When you think the government shuns others toxins such as tobacco and marijuana, you think the chemicals in these over the counter luxury products would be shunned to.  At least there should be a warning label on the products so the consumer is made aware and can make their own decision on whether to put them on their bodies and expose their children to them.

The word “fragrance” is an umbrella label, some call a “trade secret” to hide the actual list of chemicals in a product.  When the consumer reads the word “fragrance” on a product they think floral and fruity.  Not so anymore.  It’s all chemical toxins blended to make one think they are smelling a potion derived from flower petals or orange peels.  In fact you should avoid any conventional product with the word “fragrance” in it’s ingredient list.  This would include perfumes, colognes, body lotions and potions, cleaning products, deoderants, baby products, air fresheners, candles, laundry detergents and dryer sheets etc.  It’s everywhere.  Read your product ingredients as you would a food label to see what is in the product and help you determine whether you should just leave it on the store shelf.

The word “phalate” which is very common in perfumes, colognes and deoderants is a dangerous chemical known to reduce sperm count in men, disrupt hormones in both sexes, linked to liver and breast cancers, diabetes and oddly obesity….playing with metabolism.  There is a large increase in Autism, ADHD etc.  and studies have shown the link between phalates with these disorders.

There are options out there to make yourself smell pretty or your house smell pretty.  It is a topic for another post but it is “ESSENTIAL OILS”.    There are many beautiful, organic, non-toxic, natural oils derived from plants and trees etc. that you can use on your body or in your “home made” cleaning products to “get the job done” so to speak.

I get my “natural” essential oils from Living Libations.  There is a link at the bottom of this page.  All of their “perfumes” and “colognes” are made of natural oils and not a single toxic element.  I get compliments on my fresh and clean scent and it is coming from my beautiful Living Libations Petal Perfumes.  All of my personal hygiene products come from Living Libations.  As I said, scroll down to the link below and visit this website.  If you want to go clean and natural….this is a great place to shop.

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