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This weeks post is about superfoods that will boost your health and help to cleanse your body of toxins.  We are blasted with toxins constantly in every aspect of our day to day living.  Even people like me who do everything and anything to avoid toxins in food and body products are still vulnerable to toxins in our environment, in the water, building materials, car exhaust etc.  It is absolutely impossible to avoid all the toxins in our environment anymore but with diligence and will power we can certainly clean up our act in the kitchen and give our bodies the best nutrition we can get our hands on.

Most of the foods I am going to suggest to you, I include in my diet every day.  If they are not an every day addition to my diet then I definitely get them into my meals once or more a week.

  1. Green Tea:  I drink organic holy basil green tea all day every day of my life.  A day without my green tea just doesn’t happen.   I carry the tea with me in my purse and have it at my disposal always.  Even when we go into a coffee shop for a little reprieve from shopping or whatever we are doing, I just order a hot water so that I can use one of my organic green tea bags.  I have peace of mind knowing that the quality of my tea is top notch. I won’t compromise when it comes to my cup of tea.  No artificial flavours or non-organic, bleached tea bags for me….no way…no how!  Good quality green tea is high in antioxidants which help eliminate toxins from your body.  Green tea is also high in catechins which give your liver a healthy boost.
  2. Fresh squeezed lemon:  Every morning I start off with a warm water with fresh squeezed organic lemon in it.  This is the very first thing my body receives after a long nights sleep.  Lemon is the best detoxifier I can think of.  It’s great for your liver as it contains pectin and betaine.  When I give my liver this elixir first thing in the morning it kick starts the detox process.  What better thing is there to start your day?
  3. Turmeric:  Each morning, a little while after my lemon water, I enjoy a green drink.  In this green drink I put two droppers of liquid organic turmeric.  Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and very stimulating to the liver.  You can buy raw turmeric now at most grocery stores.  It’s a root like ginger that can be added to soups, stews and salads.  I prefer my liquid turmeric but the raw root is awesome .
  4. Garlic:  Who doesn’t cook with garlic? I use it in pretty well every meal I make.  I likely smell like a walking garlic bulb.  Garlic is a big supporter of good liver function and detoxifying the blood of impurities.
  5. Cucumbers:  They go into my green juice.  They go on my salads.  I even marinate cucumber slices in apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes and enjoy them like that or in a “gluten free” sandwich.  Yummy.  Cucumbers help to balance your bodies PH.  They are very alkalizing and detoxifying.
  6. Broccoli and broccoli sprouts:  Some mornings broccoli ends up in my green drink.  We try to eat broccoli at least 2 times a week or get broccoli sprouts on top of the salads or in the sandwiches.  Broccoli is an amazing cancer fighter but it is also great for detoxifying.  It works in unison with liver enzymes to push all of the bad stuff out.  Eat your broccoli….
  7. Cabbage:  A member of the cruciferous veggie family, high in sulfer, cabbage is good for pushing the bad boys out such as residual nasties from pesticides.  Cole slaw, steamed cabbage, sauerkraut….all good ways to get your cabbage quota.
  8. Chlorella:  I take chlorella tablets regularly.  Chlorella is loaded with chlorophyll.  This is a great heavy metal detoxifier.  It helps to promote health hormone function, heart health, blood pressure regulator and detoxifier.
  9. Lentils:  Love my lentils.  As a vegan lentils have a prominent place in my meal planning.  They are high in fiber and protein to start with but when it comes to detoxing the body the zinc content of lentils boosts the immune system and also helps with liver metabolism.
  10. Beets:  Another food that I add to my juicing regime.  Beets are very high in pectin and betaine which help to detoxify.  Beets are also very good at balancing PH in the body.
  11. Avocados:  Do you like guacamole?  I do.  And knowing that while you are enjoying what tastes like a guilty pleasure…it’s not a guilty pleasure at all.  It’s a health boost of glutathione that helps the liver remove toxins.  Avocados are also high in vitamin K which is a liver booster vitamin.

So mother nature provides us with many wonderful foods to help keep us healthy.  Make sure you buy organic foods so that you aren’t adding pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to your body.  You want to get rid of all those bad things with these detoxifying foods.

To your healthy liver….





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