Cookware Contaminants

tefPFOA also known as C8, in long form is perfluorooctanoic acid.

Bottom line…’s dangerous!

Non-stick cookware (Teflon) is one of the most commonly used household products that gives off this highly toxic chemical when heated.

This perfluorooctanoic acid has been linked to many health issues from thyroid to liver inflammation, high cholesterol and lowered immune function.  So what the heck is it doing in our cookware…I ask?

According to the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency the PFOA released from your Teflon cookware has been found to accumulate in the body of most people and is impossible to eliminate or detoxify.

According to an article on, DuPont has been using PFOA for 50 years to make Teflon.  They have adamantly defended the safety of this chemical and deny any relation to the health issues being diagnosed and blamed on this nasty chemical.  Now the truth has come out and DuPont is being connected to this poison, undeniably.

NON-STICK COOKWARE is constructed of highly reactive toxic fluoride chemicals that convert to off gas when heated to regular cooking temperatures in your kitchen.

Just one more toxic chemical to add to the tissues of the human body most likely contributing to our most deadly and now very common diseases.  Isn’t this just crazy?  It blows my mind….that our governments still allow this to be sold to unsuspecting consumers.

I always say “just because something is approved and sold on the shelves of our retail stores does not mean it is a health promoting piece of merchandise.”  You must do your due diligence when equipping your kitchen with cookware, plastics etc.  that you will be utilizing every day of your cooking life.

I switched to stainless steel and cast iron cookware about 20 years ago as I had learned about the toxins in non-stick cookware back then.  I cannot believe that this non-stick garbage is still readily sold in North America.  Granted, it is easier to clean up a “non-stick” pan after cooking in it then it is to clean a stainless steel pan.  BUT….It is not easy to “detox” the human body of the carcinogens accumulating in your tissues from the off gas from the non-stick materials.  At least with the stainless steel or cast iron cookware you are not getting the toxic residue in your lungs or in your food and then into your precious body.

According to the Enviromental Working Group, birds have died from being in a room where non-stick pans have been heated to a temperature as low as 325 degrees.  When these same pans have been heated to a high temperature of over 650 degrees the non-stick pans release chemicals shown to cause cancer, kidney damage and fatal poisoning.

I’m so ticked off with all of this unsafe merchandise that our governments allow to be sold to unsuspecting consumers.

My advice is to get yourself a good cast iron pan for your frying needs.  And a cast iron pan only needs to be rinsed out with hot water and wiped clean until the next use.  With each use of a cast iron pan the good cooking oils that you use season the pan and over time the pan becomes more non-stick.  And a benefit of cooking in cast iron….food tastes better and you are getting a small amount of healthy iron in your diet.

I’m sold on that….how about you?



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