My Valentine

valIt’s February 11th and only a few more days until that special occasion called Valentine’s Day.  This special day comes each year and I’m happy it does.  It makes us take stock and count our blessings when it comes to the love we are blessed with.

We have the love of our family and the love of our friends but there is no love like the love that is shared between you and your spouse or significant other.

I’m very blessed in this department.  I’m happy to brag about it too.  My sweetie is the best of the best of the best!!!! And we met on a blind date.

We’ve been together for 26 years now.  It has been the best 26 years of my life.  Thankfully we enjoy each others company and can be together 24/7 in harmony.  That in and of itself is wonderful. There are many couples who can’t be in a room alone with their spouse for more than an hour without tension.  So to offset that they spend every leisure hour wrapped up with a multitude of other couples in the same situation.  Thankfully that is not the case with us.  We have fun together.  We are best friends and we respect each other for who we are and how we operate.

We have shared so many wonderful and exciting experiences.  We have traveled and seen so many exotic places, done extensive travel on the oceans and waterways of North America and are now exploring the highways and byways of North America in our motor coach.  Now that I am handicap, traveling in the coach is comfortable for my limitations and we still get to see the beauty of the landscape of Canada and the USA.  Life is good.

Now back to Valentine’s Day and taking stock of the love I’m blessed with.  My hubby is the most caring, selfless, considerate, kind, compassionate, and positive man I know.  I’m grateful for his love and support.   I make sure he knows that I am grateful for all that he does for me.  With my disability from Multiple Sclerosis he has stepped up to the plate without being asked.  He never complains.  He just does what needs to be done to make our lives tick and he knows what I can and cannot do so picks up the slack for me.  He’s a wonderful man.  And best of all…he’s my Valentine!

We are a team.


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