The end of 2016!


It’s been a year filled with so much good on one hand and so much bad on the other.

I pray that 2017 brings only goodness to our crazy world.  I hope for cures for the terrible diseases that are eating away at our health.  I pray for peace in the world from terrorism.  I pray for less greed and corruption in all facets of our lives.  I pray for health, happiness, and feelings of safety and security as we go about our daily lives.

New Year’s Day is the beginning of 12 new months and it is the perfect time to make a fresh start in all things that are important to you.  That is why so many people start the year with New Year’s Resolutions.  I wrote about this last New Year’s and I wonder how many of us have kept a resolution we made last year.  Probably not very many of us right???

Statistics show that approximately only 1 in 10 people who make a resolution actually meet with success.  I guess that means that most of us….you and I included….did not make our resolutions stick.

There are some proven reasons why we don’t succeed.  It could be because we made more than one goal for the new year.  For example we want to lose weight, get fit and save more money.  That would seem pretty basic in it’s intentions but it’s a lot to put on yourself all at once.   Just focus on one of those goals.  Pick the one that is most important.  For example if you just picked “I want to get in shape” then the other goal will follow suit.  If you resolve to get fit then your weight issue will take care of itself.

Planning ahead for this change in your behavior is a good idea.  Don’t wait until the strike of midnight on January 1st to kick off this new you.  Planning mentally and physically is a good idea.  Set up your action plan long before your start date.  Get your kitchen stocked with your healthy foods, already have your gym membership started…etc.  Planning ahead of time and even starting ahead of time is a good idea.

Make yourself accountable.  Tell your partner, friends and family what your goals are.  Sharing that will make you motivated to prove to them that you are doing it.

I tend not to make resolutions as much anymore.  I just try and follow healthy, and sound habits all year long so that when January 1st rolls around again I don’t feel the need to change anything with my diet.  I think I live a pretty clean lifestyle now…my old resolutions have been met.  That only pertains to healthy nutrition and sleep habits.

I HAD A VERY THOUGHT PROVOKING CONVERSATION with my favorite inspirational angel, friend and fitness trainer about resolutions. We had a great conversation about resolutions outside of the “norm” diet, exercise and finances.  We talked about making resolutions to be “more mindful”, more “self-loving”, more present in the now.  We also talked about trying to be better listeners and to hear what others are saying then to be always in our own heads.  It was a very interesting conversation.  One that opened my eyes to new resolutions that I will most definitely work on.

So as I start out this new year 2017, I will work harder at living for today, being a better listener and loving my handicapped body for all of the amazing things it does for me….rather than focusing on what it doesn’t do for me anymore.  A shift from negative to positive self talk will go a very long way to keeping me healthy, happy and strong.

So I wish you all the very best this New Year has to offer.  I wish you the strength to pull off your resolutions with ease.  I wish you the gratification that comes with success in reaching your goals.

Here are some little resolutions the world could use right now:

  •  love your neighbour, see the good in others
  •  be present, living in the now…tomorrow hasn’t come yet
  • move your body more
  • breathe, meditate, savour quiet times
  • have faith, pray
  • don’t waste energy with worry,
  • be positive
  • express gratitude everyday
  • eat healthy
  • cherish your hubby, wife, significant other
  • love your family
  • be a great friend

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard





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