Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

toxicAs my readers know, I’m a huge supporter of the Natural News website operated by Mike Adams, Health Ranger.

Recently I read a very interesting article called “Top 10 Cancer Causing Food Ingredients to Avoid and Why”.

I would like to share things I learned from this article with you and other tidbits of information you should know about things in our food and environment that are certainly contributing to the rapid rise in cancer rates.

The statistics show that one in two people will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer.  That is damn scary.  I remember back maybe 25 years ago it was more like 1 in 30 people.  Obviously things in our food, homes, bathroom cupboards etc. are toxic and making us sick.  Aren’t you angry about all of this.  I am.

Back when my parents were feeding us as children most of the food they provided for us was whole foods, unprocessed, not GMO, and definitely more nutritious.  But now our world is moving so quickly and the corporate world is using every angle imaginable to make more money for themselves and their stock holders.  That means “anything goes”.  Every aspect of our society, our world as a whole, has been compromised by greed.

We try our best to be informed consumers and buy what’s best for our families and ourselves but is what we think is healthy really that good for our bodies?  I don’t think so.  Below I will share parts of the Natural News article that points fingers at foods we really need to avoid if we want to stack the odds in our favor when it comes to avoiding cancer.


  1.  Sodium Nitrate:  a cancer causing preservative used in the majority of processed meat such as bacon, sausages, cold cuts, hot dogs and ham.  This carcinogen has been positively linked to colon cancer.  You can buy nitrate free, uncured products from organic and grass fed sources.  They may be a bit more money but isn’t your health worth it???  Think about how many children in this world eat hot dogs more than once a week.  Scary.
  2. Aspartame:  This is an artificial sweetener which has zero nutritional value and robs your body of goodness from the healthy foods you eat.  The digestion of aspartame creates a harmful by-product which has been associated with brain tumors.  When I was first diagnosed with MS I was told to avoid anything with artificial sweeteners as they alter the brain.
  3. Hydrogenated Oils:  These are soybean oil, canola oil and corn oil which are modified to improve their smell, consistency and taste.  Possible GMO as well.  These oils are high in unhealthy omega 6 fatty acids linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Stay away from these oil.  You can bet that whenever you order deep fried foods in restaurants, such as French fries, chicken wings etc…that they are fried in one of these unhealthy oils.  The reheating of these oils also creates a toxic element called acrylamide….very carcinogenic.  Be aware.
  4. High Fructose Corn Syrup:  (HFCS)  Along with refined sugar, HFCS is one of the biggest cancer causing ingredients ever.  It is the reason there is so much obesity in our world.  It is used in most processed foods.  It promotes diabetes and obesity and feeds cancer cells.  Yikes.  Next time you reach for those processed cookies, doughnuts, Twinkies etc.  you better think again because they will most likely have HFCS in them.
  5. Genetically Modified Foods: (GMO) Unfortunately GMO’s have invaded our food supply.  GMO’s were never tested to see what they would do to the human body when consumed.  Now they are found to cause many life-threatening diseases, cancer being one of them.  When you are grocery shopping look for foods with the NON GMO LABEL ON THEM…..a smart thing to do.
  6. Glyphosate:  This is part of herbicides used on GMO crops as well as non-organic, conventionally grown crops such as wheat, oats and barley.  It is carcinogenic and related to cancer numbers increasing rapidly.  BUY ORGANIC!!!!
  7. Acesulfame K: Just like aspartame, this artificial sweetener messes up your nervous system, your digestive system and has been linked to cancer.
  8. Artificial colors:  Often made from petroleum by-products and have no nutritional value.  Studies show that 9 synthetic dyes commonly used in processed foods and beverages contribute to allergies and hyperactivity in children and are linked to increasing cancer rates.
  9. Chemical preservatives:  Nitrates, nitrites and benzoates are added to fast foods and processed foods to give them a longer shelf life.  These are highly toxic and accumulate in the body eventually causing cell damage and can lead to several types of cancer.
  10. Hexane-extracted soy protein:  Non-organic soy protein is often extracted with hexane, which is a neurotoxic and explosive by-product of gasoline refinement.  And they use it in food production??????? Oh my.

My advice to you is to start reading labels or if you already do, continue to do so and AVOID the above food additives at all cost. It’s in the best interest of your health and that of your loved ones.


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