Aloe Vera

aloeThe Aloe Vera plant is yet another wonderful gift from Mother Nature.  It has so many uses both nutritionally and topically.

Aloe Vera is a very succulent plant found growing wild in tropical climates.  Many people keep aloe vera plants in their homes up here in the northern climates.

Around 6000 years ago the Egyptians called Aloe Vera the “plant of immortality”.  That’s interesting.

The inside of the aloe plant leaves or spikes contains the gel of the plant which is the elixir of the plant.

Personally, I take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel each morning to calm my digestive system.  It really works wonders if you suffer from IBS or just have sluggish digestion.  You can get aloe vera gel or liquid in most health food stores.

I will give you some of the many great uses of the aloe vera plant;

Aloe vera is very antiseptic in nature and is great for killing mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses.  It is a wonderful hand sanitizer without the harmful triclosan found in most commercial sanitizers.

Aloe gel is a great body scrub.  And works wonders on diminishing the appearance of bruising of the skin.

The gel works amazingly on burns to your skin.  You can freeze the aloe gel in an ice cube tray.  Keep the tray in the freezer and have it on hand for those kitchen mishaps.  When needed just pop out a cube of the frozen gel and hold it on the burn.  Awe….now that is soothing.

If you spend too much time out in the sun and your skin has burned as a result, applying aloe vera gel to the burn is very soothing, cooling and rehydrating.

Aloe vera helps to ease the itch and pain of insect bites as well as relieving some skin rashes.  If you get a blister on your fingers or the heals of your feet from wearing new shoes slap on some aloe gel and feel the relief.

Aloe is quickly absorbed into the skin so makes for a great moisturizer on your face and it also helps with pimples and skin blemishes.

If you suffer the effects of psoriasis on your skin try some aloe gel on the dry patches and I bet you notice a soothing healing on those areas.

Aloe gel is a great eye makeup remover.  Commercial make up removers contain harsh chemicals and when you are working around the delicate skin of your eyes you should be very gentle.  Aloe gel is the perfect answer.

Try to find tooth paste with aloe vera in the ingredients as it is good for healthy gums.

Instead of using harsh commercial leg shaving creams try aloe vera gel.  It’s great for shaving as it is slippery and wet and helps the razor slide smoothly up your legand if you happen to nick your skin the aloe gel is very antibacterial.

These are just some of the many uses for aloe vera gel.

Get a couple of aloe vera plants in your home.  Keep one in your kitchen and one in your bathroom.  Great idea.







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