Things to AVOID in your body products and cosmetics!


I have blogged about this topic before but it certainly deserves more coverage than it gets.

Take a look in your arsenal of body care products from shampoos and conditioners to lotions and potions, and even your cosmetics.  There are thousands of chemicals in the personal care products sold on the grocery and drug store shelves that you may wish to eliminate from your daily regime.  Remember this…your skin is the largest organ of your body.  After you get out of a warm shower or bath and your pores are open from the warmth… lather on all these lovely, smelly, silky body products.  You apply hair gels and mouse, hair sprays, perfumes, colognes and cosmetics.  Your skin is going to soak all those “toxic” chemicals into your bloodstream through your open pores and wreak havoc on your internal health.  It’s true.  I know…..just another thing to pay attention to….but trust me on this one……if you want to be healthy….and lean into helping your body remain that way then you better pay attention to what’s in your personal hygiene products.  I would make this a top priority if I were you.  Especially women entering into perimenopause, menopause and post menopausal.  All of these toxins mimic estrogens in the body and really change your hormones which in turn, may just produce health issues you don’t want to face.  I don’t know about you….but I would prefer to be proactive, educate myself on what is good and what is not.  I choose to avoid possible health issues caused by my body products.

Let’s go over chemicals used in body care products that you want to eliminate, sooner rather than later.

1.  ARTIFICIAL DYES AND COLORS:  Lipstick, blush, nail polish, eye shadows, foundations….all of those things that make you feel more beautiful then you already are.  All conventionally sold cosmetics are full of chemical nastiness.    There are many alternative cosmetics on the market today that get the colors from nature.  Do some research.

2.  BENZOYL PEROXIDE:   Those wonderful products sold through infomercials on t.v. promising to eliminate pimples and acne are produced using Benzoyl Peroxide.  This chemical has been connected with promotion of tumor growth.  Now why on earth would anyone prefer a tumor over a pimple?

3.  HYDROQUINONE:  This chemical is used in skin lightening products that are advertised for reducing blemishes on the skin.  If this stuff can get rid of blemishes then think about what it is doing on the inside.

4.  METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE:  Known as MIT for short, this chemical is used in baby shampoo and skin care products.  It has been shown in studies to have neurotoxin properties.  Yikes.  In rat studies just 10 minutes of exposure showed brain damage.  It won’t be going on my skin any day soon.

5.  OXYBENZONE:  Let’s talk sunscreen.  Yes, it may prevent your skin from soaking in the ultra-violet rays but it is an irritant, an allergen, a hormone disrupter among other things.  This chemical is showing up in over 95% of urine tests in North America.  This is crazy.  If it’s in one of your personal care products….ditch the product.  Detox!  Thirty minutes of sunshine without sunscreen is the healthiest way to top up your vitamin D3 levels.  Sunshine is good for you.

6.  PARABENS:  These little darlings are pervasive in the cosmetic industry.  Check out your labels.  I bet you see them in almost all of your beauty products.  Parabens are definitely absorbed into your skin.  And guess what….parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors.  That makes me crazy.  If you look closely on your next visit to your pharmacy or online cosmetic site you will find “PARABEN-FREE” products more and more.    (other words for parabens on labels:  benzylparaben, butyiparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben and isobutylparaben)

7.  PETROLEUM:  Hey…this is the same stuff that’s in your motor oil.  Hmmmm…..I really want to be rubbing this into my precious body.  I don’t think so.  It is also listed as Petrolatum, Xylene, Toluee, Mineral Oil (that sounds harmless…not), and liquid paraffin.  The reason this is so bad for you is that it contains 4-Dioxane listed with the World Health Organization and the Enviromental Protection Agency as a probable carcinogen.  Now why is it in your skin care products.  I just don’t get it.  Do you?

8.  PHALATES:  This substance is found in everything.  The reason this is bad for us is it is a hormone disrupter and is causing insulin resistance, reproduction issues and developmental problems in our children.   It is found in plastic and cosmetics.   Do you drink out of plastic water bottles? Microwave in plastic containers or with plastic wrap over your food?  Store food in plastic containers?  Paint your beautiful skin with conventional cosmetics?  Apparantly some labels hide PHALATES under the ingredient name “fragrance”.  So it is suggested by experts in natural skin care to seek out products which use essential oils as the scent.

9.  RESORCINOL:  Now listen to this.  Resorcinol which is found in bleach is restricted in government buildings….but used in many hair coloring products.  This is just not fair.  In animal studies this chemical has been linked to abnormal thyroid function.  Thyroid diseases are on the rise in huge numbers around North America.  Why are we still putting our beauty over our health?  You know what…being healthy is beautiful.   Being beautiful is not necessarily healthy…..especially if it is achieved through artificial and chemical laced products.

10.  TRICLOSAN:  Now you may recognize this chemical…as it has been in the news lately.  This chemical is a pesticide but it is used in almost all “antibacterial” products.  It does kill bacteria but we need some bacteria to help our immune systems keep on top of their game.  This chemical has been studied as a possible problem with our growing resistance to antibiotics.  Triclosan is also a hormone and thyroid disruptor.  It is harming our environment.  Let’s get back to the basics of cleanliness with good old natural hand soap.  It will keep you clean without harming you.


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If you want to investigate the products you use on a regular basis then spend some time on the following websites:

1.  The Enviromental Working Group site “SKIN DEEP” at


These are both database sites with thousands of popular products analyzed.  You may just find a few that you use daily and decide to seek alternatives in support of your “HEALTH”.


“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.  For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.  For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.  For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.  For poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”  AUDREY HEPBURN


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