TILAPIA…the not so good!

fishWe all hear on the news and read in the health articles how good fish is for us.  And for the most part some fish are very good for us.

Tilapia started to show up on grocery store shelves back in the 90’s.  It is a cheap fish and mild tasting.  Before I became vegan I use to serve it at our home back when it first became popular.  BUT….there is a “not so good” side to this factory farmed fish.

After watching a documentary called “Death By China”….I learned that most of the tilapia in the grocery stores is farmed and imported from China.  Well that turned me off of the fish right away.  If you did not know this already, any product coming from China is questionable as far as purity and safety is concerned whether it be food or material.  For the purpose of this post I am talking about TILAPIA.

I will never eat Tilapia or serve it to family and friends ever again.  Why?

Farmed Tilapia is nutritionally void among other negatives.

Firstly it is very low in the healthy omega fatty acids you would expect to find in fish flesh such as salmon or mackerel.  The fish is grown in small pools of water with limited swimming space and overcrowding.  The water is full of fish feces and bacteria.  The fish is fed soy pellets and genetically modified corn and is also given hormones to make growth fast.  The fish flesh therefore has high amounts of omega-6 proteins which is the bad fat.  The flesh contains extremely low levels of omega-3 which is the good fat.  Because of this, consuming this toxic fish could lead to inflammation in the body.  Researcher have found that the inflammatory potential of eating tilapia is greater than the inflammatory potential from eating bacon.

Secondly, the fish is toxic as it is fed bottom feeder fish that contain PCB’s and dioxins.   Apparantly chicken and pork feces is an additive to the fish feed.  Yukk.   These many pollutants  could put the consumer at an increased risk of cancer and other modern day diseases.  There is also evidence of a PVC plastic chemical being 6 times higher in farm raised fish.

These are just a few of the dangers to eating this tasty, inexpensive factory farmed fish.

You need to be vigilant in knowing the source of the fish you are buying.  Buy wild whenever possible.  Farmed fish is not good for you.


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