Some Cancer Causing Foods You Should Avoid!

canToday we are bombarded by chemicals and toxins in our air, our clothing, our homes, our personal care products and our food.  Its hard to keep up to all of the information on what to avoid and what is safe for us to consume.

I would like to share just a few things about some foods that you should avoid to aid in your anti-cancer lifestyle.

Of course eating a whole foods, organic diet is the best of the best for your health.  Sometimes that is not always possible and you find yourself reaching for fast, convenient foods to fill the void.  The following items should be avoided at all cost.  It has been proven through numerous studies that these foods contain cancer causing carcinogens.  You can still enjoy the foods but in a more natural and healthier form.

CANNED FOODS: I have posted about the dangers of canned food in the past.  There is BPA – Bisphenol-A in the lining of the cans and this chemical seeps into the foods in the can.  There are now many canned foods that are in Bisphenol-A free cans and that is what I would try to stick to if you need canned foods.   To avoid this issue buy fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables, buy dry beans and cook them from scratch etc.  There are definite ways to avoid the need for canned foods.

GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS (GMO):   I have posted about GMO’s before too.  Seed companies are splicing and dicing seeds for crop growing that have herbicides, pesticides and fungicides built right in the seeds.  The scientists who work for these big seed companies are also cross breeding seeds with other species such as fish to try and create the perfect genetically modified food.  This is frankenfood.  Not what Mother Nature intended us to put in our bodies for nourishment.  To avoid this GMO issue buy 100% organic produce and look for the non-GMO symbol on labels of ready made foods such as cereals and crackers etc.  These herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are definitely cancer causing chemicals.

MICROWAVE POPCORN:  I love popcorn.  I always say that if I was left on a deserted island with one food choice to live with it would be air popped organic non-GMO popcorn.  If you like popcorn and a movie I highly suggest that you avoid microwave and theater popped popcorn for a couple of reasons.  First off, microwave popcorn contains a chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid.  This cancer causing carcinogen is created during the microwaving process from inside the bags.  It is highly toxic.  And movie theater popcorn is popped using a toxic chemical form of fat that is made to taste like butter but it is very carcinogenic and high in sodium.  The healthy route is to air pop your organic, non-GMO kernels or put organic coconut or avocado oil in a pot and pop your own kernels that way.  The popcorn is yummy and healthy.  Trust me on this one.  I eat popcorn frequently and I make sure I am only getting the best version of it.

COLA:  So many people drink pop or soda in the form of cola.  Colas are brown.  That brown colour comes from a dye that is certainly cancer causing.  Many people drink a supersize cola per day.  That is a scary thought.  Drinking a large glass of brown dye…..and high fructose corn syrup can’t be good for you.  The dye used to make these beverages brown is called 4-MI or 4-methylimidazole.  It has been linked to numerous cases of cancer.  There are many healthier versions of cola in the health food store.  But the best thing is to avoid colas, pops and sodas all together.  Instead drink spring water with a wedge of fresh lemon and if you need to sweeten it up a bit then add a few drops of liquid Stevia, an herbal sweetener.  You will be doing your waistline a favour too.

DIET FOODS:  Avoid processed foods.  Especially processed diet foods that say “low fat”, “reduced fat”,  “light” etc. on the label.  These foods are made to taste good with the use of chemical flavour enhancers such as aspartame or monosodium glutamate, both highly toxic chemicals.  Aspartame has been proven time and time again to be highly toxic and cancer causing so you think the government would remove it from our food supply.  Not so.  We have to be our own food police.  Avoid these diet foods at all cost.  Eat fresh whole organic foods.  Those are the best diet foods you can give yourself.

BACON, SAUSAGE, COLD MEATS, HOT DOGS:  These foods are very toxic as they contain nitrates which are proven to be cancer causing.

FRIED FOODS:  French Fries, potato chips and most other fried snack foods are not good for us.  The act of deep frying creates carcinogens.  The worst culprit here is acrylamide which is a toxin produced in fried potatoes such as potato chips and French fried potatoes.  This carcinogen has been linked to cancer.  I make my own oven baked version of fries once in a while when the craving strikes.  There are many healthier versions of snack foods on the health food store shelves now too.  Many snack foods are now baked instead of fried.  It’s not a perfect substitute but definitely better than the fried version.

When you are grocery shopping for your family avoid the foods listed above and you are on your way to healthier eating.

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