Christmas Time

christmasMerry Christmas to all of my family and friends who visit my website on a weekly basis.  I thank you for continuing to read my posts.  I enjoy writing on my site once a week and I appreciate hearing from you when something I write about resonates with you.

So we are now one week away from Christmas.    It’s a rat race isn’t it?  Where has the “spiritual” part of Christmas gone in our society today?  It seems that Christmas is a holiday for the big box retailers to make their stock holders happy with big sales.  Push, push, push….buy this, buy that.  Advertising on steroids.  I am so over Christmas now and that’s not good.  I can’t wait for it to be all over with for another year.

I reflect back to my childhood Christmas’s and realize how valuable those times were with my family.  My Mom and Dad made our Christmas season so special each and every year.  My Mom would decorate our home from top to bottom with the most beautiful decorations.  Our tree was always color coordinated with twinkling lights.  There was always soft Christmas carols on the stereo or a Christmas musical on the television.   A big batch of homemade Christmas cookies and other goodies were readily available.    It was a special time for family, neighbours and friends to get together and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.  I miss all of that.

I will cherish memories of my childhood Christmas experiences as long as I live.  They are behind me now.  I look upon Christmas as a time of reflection.  It is a time each year where we reach out and reconnect with family and friends.  We use to be wrapped up with the “party” at Christmas time.  Now that we have changed our lifestyle to a quieter kind….Christmas is a peaceful, joyful time of year….a time for healing and renewal.   There is another year of our lives gone by and a new year about to begin.

I recently read an article on the Reader’s Digest website called “13 Ways to Remember the True Meaning of Christmas”.  I will share some of the ideas with you here in a shorter version.

1.  Keep a candle burning:  A symbol of life in the heart of winter.  On the first Sunday of Advent some Christians carry home a taper candle lit from their church’s Advent candle and keep it burning until Christmas Day using a series of candles.  Keep your Christmas flame on the table during family meals.

2.  Support a worthy cause:  Make a donation in someone’s name to an organization he or she would like to support.

3.  Write a letter to your past:  Is there someone in your life that you wish you had thanked for a kindness, an old friend you quarrelled with and would like to reconcile.  Now is the ideal time to write them a note to tell them so.

4.  Give a gift that’s really needed:    Not necessarily a store bought gift but maybe something you can do for someone.  Give your time and talent to someone who could really use it.  For example if you have a talent teach it to someone who would enjoy that.  Give homemade coupons to someone for “house cleaning” if they are disabled or “cook a meal” for an elderly person.  There are so many things you can do to just “make someone’s day”.

5.  Eat a meal beside your decorated Christmas tree:  Turn off the lights in the room except the tree lights and enjoy a meal by the tree admiring it’s beauty.

6.  Watch a meaningful movie:  Pick a seasonal movie that celebrates sharing and compassion.  A suggestion would be “The Bishop’s Wife” from 1947.  Or “It’s a Wonderful Life” from 1946.

7.  Set an extra place at your table this year.  If you know someone who is all alone this Christmas invite them to join you and your family for dinner this year.  It will make their holiday special and you will feel great about it too.

8.  Go to Church:  Christmas is a time to wake up our spiritual selves.  Remember the real reason for the festivities – the birth of Jesus Christ.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate this time of year, enjoy yourself, hug your loved ones, be safe, care for the less fortunate.


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