Drink Lemon Water

lemonWe all hear that drinking water and staying hydrated is so important.  Our bodies are made up of almost 75% water.  We lose water from our bodies in so many ways that we must keep replenishing it.

Our bodies require this elixir to help carry nutrients to our organs, to regulate our body temperature, to flush out toxins and to protect our organs and joints.

It is a very important element of our physical bodies.

We get water from fresh fruits and vegetables and the water we drink…..and on the flip side we lose water through our sweat, urination etc.

One of the best ways to drink water is to make it into lemon water.  Lemon water has so many benefits and it turns a boring glass of water into a tangy healthy tonic for your health.

Lemons contain Vitamin C and we all need to get our daily dose of vitamin C.  The potassium in lemons is good for your heart health and helps to keep your blood pressure in check. Lemons also contain B-complex vitamins, calcium, magnesium and more potassium than apples.

Lemon water helps your liver to eliminate toxins.  The best time to give your liver a bit of love with lemon is first thing in the morning.  Get up and squeeze a half of a fresh lemon in an 8 ounce glass of good clean room temperature water.  Drink this down on an empty stomach and then go do your exercising, yoga or shower before adding anything else to your stomach.  The lemon water will wake up your liver and help it to kick out the bad toxins hanging around.

Lemon is very good for digestion as well.  If you consume a glass of warm lemon water after a meal your digestion process will be smoother.  The lemon water soothes an upset stomach and relieves indigestion.

If you are trying to lose weight then downing a large glass of lemon water before a meal will help to fill up your stomach and you won’t eat as much at your meals.

Drinking lemon water is good for your skin.  Drinking any water is good for your skin as it keeps you hydrated but drinking lemon water all day long will keep all of the nasty toxic waste from accumulating in your tissues and you will have beautiful, unblemished skin as a result.

Drinking lemon water regularly will decrease the acidity in your body and an acidic body is a body where disease develops.  This elixir will reduce inflammation by reducing the uric acid in your body.  The lemon helps to balance your internal PH.  Most important to health.

A lemon is one of the best immune boosting foods as it helps to fight off bacteria, viruses and parasites in your body.

So with all of these benefits wouldn’t you want to change your boring glass of water into a lemony elixir to love your body with.  I certainly would and I do.  I drink lemon water often.








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