Himalayan Salt Lamp

salt lampWhat on earth is this….you ask.

Maybe you are familiar with this incredible health promoting household item.  I sure am.  I am the owner of three of these lamps.  I have them sitting on the desk areas where I’m most likely to be working on my computer.  These lamps give off a lovely warm light but their main function is health promoting.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is gaining popularity because of it’s health benefits.  These lamps are made out of large chunks of Himalayan salt, hollowed out and wired with a small light bulb inside them.

The salt crystals enhanced by the light from the bulb produce negative ions.  Negative ions neutralize positive ions in the environment.  The lamps have a cleansing effect on the air around them.  Positive ions are produced from electronics and other pollutants in our homes.  These positive ions can wreak havoc on our bodies and create illness, insomnia, allergies and stress on the body.  The Himalayan salt lamps help to promote relaxation and improved air quality.  Negative ions definitely clean the air you breathe.

Your home is likely where you get the highest exposure to polluted air from building materials used to construct your home, from carpeting, paint, fire retardant on your furniture etc.  According the the Enviromental Protection Agency we spend an average of 70% of our time indoors at home.    Because of this large amount of time indoors you want to make sure your air is as clean as possible.  Due to our electronic age your body is also being bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies from all of the electronics in your home and office.  There is a lot of invisible pollution we are exposed to regularly.

All of these positively charged ions can cause you to have increased nervousness and agitation, stress, disturbed sleep patterns, poor concentration, and free radical pollution within your body.

Putting a salt lamp near the area where you watch t.v. or work on your computer can help to counteract these excessive frequencies.  These lamps clean your indoor air and add a lovely warm glow to your space.

May I suggest that if you are going to add a salt lamp to your environment you get yours from a reputable health food store as there are imposters out there as with anything.  You want to make certain you are getting a true Himalayan Salt Lamp.

You can also get Himalayan Salt Candle Holders.  These, when lit with an appropriate candle add beauty and ambiance to your living space at the same time helping to combat those positive ions we want to avoid or minimize.

So, if you care about the air you breathe and the environment you spend most of your time in then do yourself a good favor and get a Himalayan Salt Lamp on your computer desk and near your TV watching space.  It will be of benefit to your whole family.

These lamps are not expensive.  You can expect to pay approximately $50.00 for a lamp.  Money well spent, in my opinion.




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