The connection between Vitamin D and K2

K2 labelMany studies are showing that Multiple Sclerosis could be linked to low vitamin D levels in the body.  Not only Multiple Sclerosis patients, but most of the population is lacking Vitamin D, especially those living in the northern climates where sunshine is not available all year.

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient for good health best obtained from natural sunlight but getting it that way is not always possible.  Part of my protocol for treating my Multiple Sclerosis is to take in 8000 IU of D3 a day (a high amount…the RDA is 2000 IU).  I take 4 drops of a very premium D3 oil every morning and my vitamin D levels are good.  But Vitamin D3 is not the only thing I take for this deficiency.  I also supplement with a very high quality Mercola K2.  This vitamin is not one that most people even know about.  We all hear about our A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and E’s.  Where did this K come from?

Taking vitamin D3 alone can be problematic according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of my favorite health gurus. Dr. Mercola has shared findings in an article “Vitamin D and K2 Work in Tandem to Slow Arterial Calcification”.    Basically his article is saying that taking K2 with D3 together helps to get the D3 to where it is suppose to go.  Vitamin D enhances your bone health by helping your body absorb calcium but adding K2 to the mix actually directs the calcium to your skeleton rather than allowing the calcium to deposit in places you don’t want it ie. organs, joints and arteries.  Atherosclerosis is arterial plaque consisting of calcium.  You definitely don’t want to promote that in your arteries.

If you are taking calcium supplements and vitamin D3 without K2 it could have adverse effects on your body such as in your coronary arteries.  As Dr. Mercola’s study/article goes on to say, missing out on K2 while taking Calcium and D3 could initiate excessive clotting and cause heart attacks.

You can get your K2 from natto which is a Japanese fermented soy product.  It’s not very tasty stuff.  I’ve tried it and am not crazy about it.  Other ways to get your vitamin K from food is in fermented vegetables, Kim-Chi, for example (started with a culture of K2 producing bacteria).  Also Gouda and Brie cheeses provide 75 mcg of K2 per ounce.

As a vegan, I don’t eat cheese so I choose to get my Vitamin K2 from Mercola’s outstanding supplement providing me with the recommended 150 mcg a day to compliment my D3.

You can go to this article on and you will be able to watch a video interview with Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue which will give you all of the information you need on this topic.




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