Processed Meat and Cancer

hotdogsProcessed meats such as the frequently “fed to children” HOTDOG can make you sick.  This is not a joke.

According to an article written by Dr. Neal Barnard for The Huffington Post, “hotdogs can wreck your health”.

The article gives the following statistics on cancer.  “Every year 143,000 Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  More than 50,000 die of the disease.  About half of all cases are already incurable when found..”  Tons of money has been spent researching to find out what the cause of all this colorectal cancer is and low and behold….one of the causes is the commonplace hotdog.

It is now, after 58 scientific studies, fact that the more hotdogs and processed meats people consume, the more likely they are at risk for colorectal cancer.  This is scary when you think of how many hotdogs the children of North America consume.  Processed meats are eaten in mass quantities in our society too….from cold meats to bacon and sausages….oh my goodness.  Doesn’t this scare the dickens out of you.

Here are the numbers from this article:  “Every 50 grams of processed meat you eat on a daily basis (that’s one hotdog) increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.  The article goes on to say that “just as there is no safe level of smoking, no amount of hotdogs, bacon, sausage, ham or other processed meats comes out clean in scientific studies”.

It’s not only colorectal cancer that is the issue here.  Stomach cancer risk is higher and apparently there is a 10% risk of prostate cancer for every 10 grams of increased intake of processed meat.  Other studies have linked processed meats to ovarian cancer and leukemia.  Sodium nitrate, the preservative in these products  can also increase your risk of heart disease.  These nitrates may also affect the way your body uses sugar possibly contributing to diabetes.  It is believed that the curing process of these products is carcinogenic.  These meats are full of nitrites and saturated fats and sodium…just to name a few villains.

Its absolutely crazy that the government funds these studies on one hand and then on the other hand subsidizes meat production.  The government supports all levels of the meat industry from supporting the feed that fattens animals for food production, to buying meats for school lunch programs etc.

That very fact is why we don’t hear about this cancer story in the mainstream media.  The government certainly doesn’t want to deter people from consuming a product that generates lots of revenue.

Next time you are at the ballpark choose the popcorn or the peanuts to snack on.  The hotdog is not your best option.

If you are planning a barbecue for your family or a birthday party for your child or grandchild remove processed hotdogs or pepperoni pizza from the menu.

There is an advertising on television these days for a pizza wrapped in three and a half feet of bacon.  The ad shows a picture of this pizza loaded with high saturated fat cheese and bacon galore.  Everytime I see this ad I say to my husband, “no wonder the obesity and cancer rates are increasing.  Look at that toxic pizza.”

Thankfully my hubby and I gave up processed meats at least 15 years ago and when we were young hotdogs weren’t mainstream food for kids.  Now, pretty well every children’s menu in restaurants offers hotdogs and/or pepperoni pizza.

I know that there are nitrate free products at Whole Foods and other health markets.  I have purchased nitrate free bacon bits for my hubby’s favorite Caesar Salad.

If you choose to eat meat then make healthier choices.  Stay away from the heavily processed deli meats, bacons, sausages, hotdogs etc.  Your whole body will thank you for caring about what you put into it.









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