Is Yogurt Really Good For You?

yogurtDid you know that some yogurts have more sugar in a serving than a Twinkie…according to Natural News, my favorite source for leading edge health news.

Many brands of yogurt advertised as “good for you” have more sugar in them then junk foods you would never consider eating.  So let’s take a good look at this.

The American Heart Association guidelines for daily sugar consumption are 36 grams of sugar for men and 20 grams for women.

One Twinkie has 19 grams of sugar in it and many yogurts contain more sugar than a Twinkie.  Yikes.  Many of us start our day with a heaping serving of yogurt mixed in with cereal grains and maybe some berries or dried fruits.  That is going to add up to way more than your daily allotment of sugar.  If you get more sugar throughout the day…maybe in salad dressing, fruit, pastry etc. then you have blown your budget right out of the water…so to speak.

Much of the sugar in yogurt occurs naturally from the lactose.  Greek yogurt has as little as 6 grams in plain flavors.  Many mainstream store brand yogurts add the jammy type of fruit puree which adds more sugar to the mix.  And then you toss in your sugar coated granola to make a rounded meal out of this and you have a ton of sugar in your first meal of the day.

Bottom line….skip the flavored yogurts.  Go for Greek, plain, and be very careful with what your cereal grains and fruit additions carry as far as sugar, fat and calories.  You may be surprised at what you are eating when you take a few moments to do the math.

Yogurt is good for you when you choose the right kind.  It is highly nutritious with good protein, calcium and potassium.  Yogurt has probiotics naturally occurring from the fermentation process and is beneficial to your digestive system so don’t totally give up on your morning yogurt.  Just be more mindful of the label and nutritional values of your preferred brand.

Greek yogurt is creamier, higher in protein and contributes to a healthy diet.  You can certainly find good organic Greek yogurts that are low fat and fat free, low in sugar and high in nutritional value.

I am vegan and don’t eat animal dairy but there are many yogurts that are non-dairy now available.  There are brands made from soy, coconut, rice and other non-animal sources.

You can use your yogurt as a dip, topping for baked potatoes, part of a home made salad dressing, as an alternative to sour cream etc.  There are endless possibilities.





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