Cure the top illnesses of our time!

proud veganThe video address below is a link I suggest all of you go to and watch Dr. Greiger discuss the best way to prevent or heal from the top diseases killing humans today.  Now I must tell you that this video is 54 minutes long but it will be the best 54 minutes you can invest in for your health.  If you can’t find time to watch it in one sitting then split it up over the course of 5 sessions of 10 minutes until you reach the video end.  Trust me on this….it is well worth the time if you value your health and that of your loved ones.

Dr. Greiger discusses the lack of nutrition education in medical school a little bit.  He explains how healthy a plant based diet is at preventing or reversing such killers as HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART DISEASE, TYPE 2 DIABETES, ALZHEIMERS, CANCER and even BACK PAIN.

One interesting point mentioned in this video is that only 2% of disease is from genetic expression and the rest is from diet and lifestyle choices.  With a plant based diet you can “reshuffle the deck” as he puts it, so you can curve your chances at any of these modern day  human conditions and diseases.

It is a very interesting talk on “PUBLIC DECEPTION” and how the meat and dairy industry manipulate minds to keep people eating the foods that are killing them.

I am so happy that I have been on an organic, plant based diet for 5 years now and will continue to nourish my body in this way for the rest of my days.  I feel so much better than I did back when I ate meat and dairy.  It is a great lifestyle choice.

I know it seems daunting to change your diet to a plant based diet when you were raised on meat and dairy and brainwashed to believe that you need this garbage to survive.  I’m hear to tell you that I’ve been eating plants, beans, nuts, seeds and grains for 5 years and I’ve never been healthier.  Now many of you who know me or have been following my site may say “yes….but you have Multiple Sclerosis so how can this be healthy”  My Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis came to me when I was a meat and dairy consumer.  If I was still eating meat and dairy I would be in a wheelchair.  But because of my plant based diet I do not suffer the many ails of MS such as pain, headaches, severe disabilities, eye problems etc.  It took years for my MS to develop and it will take a good many years to nourish my body back to health, but I’m confident that healthy nutrition will definitely help me combat the nasty sides of MS and keep those other modern day diseases away from me.   Hurrah for that.

It was a bit of an adjustment when I first switched to plant based eating because it is a whole new learning curve but now it is just “who I am”.  I’m pleased to see that this healthy lifestyle is slowly catching on.  There are far more health food stores and vegan friendly restaurants out there now.

You can do it.  If you value your health and the quality of your life then consider what Dr. Greiger has to say in this very informative video.

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