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beautyLast week I posted about personal body care products and the chemicals used in them.  I also mentioned that I get all of my personal care products from “Living Libations”….a Haliburton, Ontario family owned operation.

This little company, “Living Libations” is growing in leaps and bounds and gaining international followers.  Some of the more famous followers you may have heard of are Canadian rocker Alanis Morisette, rocker Sass Jordan, and many other notable people in the medical, natural health, and natural nutrition world, authors, doctors etc.    I have had the pleasure of meeting Nadine and Ron…owners of this small but mighty company, at a couple of David Wolfe’s Longevity Conferences I attended in California.  Nadine and Ron are definitely living life on the pure and natural side of the street.  And I admire and trust their integrity when it comes to the products they offer at Living Libations.   They are the purest of pure.  I have been a customer of Living Libations for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of my readers asked me if I would write about all of the personal care products that I use on a daily basis.  I am more than happy to share this detailed information with my readers.  If you are considering switching to a more pure and natural way of looking after the outside of your body then may I recommend that you hit the link at the bottom of this post and go to the Living Libations website and look up the products I love and recommend.   All of the products on the website are PURE so if there is something you see there that I personally don’t use…that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.  Everything offered on the website is excellent.  It’s all about personal preference when it comes to essential oils and the scents in each product.

My daily Living Libations regime:

Of course the first thing I do is brush my teeth.  I refuse to use mainstream toothpaste full of chemical flavor and fluoride.  I prefer to use the awesome teeth cleaning products from Living Libations.  Since using these great oils and tooth polish my teeth and gums are so healthy.  Even my dentist is impressed with the health of my mouth so there is something to be said about using the L.L. teeth products.  I use the “Yogi Tooth Serum”, “Healthy Gum Drops”, “Neem Enamelizer Polish” and the “Neem Enamelizer Toothpaste”.  I also use the “Ionic Tooth Brush”.    These are definitely different then the typical Crest toothpaste we were all raised on so it took a little bit of adjusting to this program but I’ve been at it for many years now and I am hooked.  It is comforting to know that these awesome natural oils I’m putting in my mouth each day to keep my pearly whites and gums healthy are the purest products for a healthy mouth.  I also use the “Smart Floss”.

Each morning I use a toner on my face before jumping in the shower.  I use “Illuminating Rose Water Complexion Tonic”.  I spray it on an organic cotton round and rub it all over my face and neck.  It refreshes my skin after a good nights sleep with my night cream products…which I will describe shortly.

Just before jumping in the shower I use a “dry brush” of which Living Libations has great quality brushes for this excellent daily ritual.  On my dry brush I put a few drops of ” Lymph Tonic”.  Dry brushing helps to circulate the lymph throughout the body.  The human body does not have a pump or circulating system to move lymph throughout your body so…to avoid stagnation of lymph, dry brushing every morning helps to move the lymph fluids through your body.    The “Lymph Tonic” enhances the circulation of the lymphatic flow.  It smells wonderful too as it is made of essential oils of cypress, rosemary, laurel, eucalyptus and yarrow.

Okay…now it is shower time.  In the shower I use “Seabuckthorn Shampoo and Shine on Conditioner”.  These two hair products are so pure and unadulterated.  There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the creation of these awesome hair products.    They are good for all hair types.  I think the marketing of mainstream shampoos and conditioners for different types of hair is a hoax.  No need to worry hear… the Living Libation Hair Care products are made from nature’s botanical essences and herbs and jojoba oil.  As Nadine says…this shampoo is so pure you can dilute it a bit and use it as a body wash.  I find I don’t need to wash my hair as often…maybe every other day with this great shampoo.  The “Shine On Conditioner” is gentle and works wonders.

After I get out of the shower I rub my warm skin with “Vanilla Best Skin Ever”.  It is an excellent moisturizer for the body.  The ingredients of seabuckthorn oil, jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, tamanu oil, vanilla, lavender, vetiver, grapefruit and palmarosa essential oils is luxurious.  And it is comforting to know that I’m not slathering all that garbage onto my skin that is found in conventional drug store and expensive designer brands of so called moisturizers.  My skin loves “Vanilla Best Skin Ever”.  Smells yummy too.

Commercial deoderants are full of aluminum and many toxic chemicals which when rubbed on the delicate skin under your arms, soaks into the pores and wreaks havoc with your hormones etc.  Many commercial deoderants are being blamed for an increase in breast cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease.  Crazy.   I choose to use Living Libations roll on essential oil deoderants under my arms for all day protection.  My current favorite is “Palo Santo Poetic Pits” but I also like the “Gingerlily” and “Lavender” deoderants too.

Now moving to the face….it is time for my “All Seeing Eye Cream”.  I dab this along the delicate skin under my eyes with a gentle stroke.  This cream is made of jojoba and tamanu oils with rosewater and aloe vera and nourishing essences suitable for this delicate area.  You can read all about the herbal additions on the Living Libations website.

For an all over moisturizer for my face I use “RoseGlow Face Crème”.  This crème is described as feeling like cashmere on your face and that is an accurate description.  This crème is made with many healing botanicals such as rosewater, shea butter, aloe vera, bladderwrack seaweed extract, golden jojoba oil, green tea, elderflowers, rosehips, horsetail, comfrey, rosebuds, nettles, marshmallow, seabuckthorn, orange and rose wax, lavender, rose otto, neroli, immortelle, palmarosa, carrot seed, lemon, schizandra, geranium, rosemary and sage.  Now when you read that list of ingredients do you read anything that sounds like a chemical.  Absolutely not.  Each ingredient is from a plant.  Pure and natural.

Once in awhile I get dry patches on the side of my nose.  This is pretty typical of many people.  I use the “Dew Dab” spot treatment on those dry patches and it clears them up very quickly.  This potent serum is great for clearing up blemishes too.

To make myself smell feminine and pleasant I spray my neck with “Lavish Abundance” or “Gardenia” or “Lei Lady Lei” perfumes.  There are many different fragrances to choose from but I would have to say that “LAVISH ABUNDANCE” is my favorite.  And I will add that everywhere I go people tell me I smell so fresh and light, flowery etc.  So it must be alluring to the senses.  And all of Nadine’s fragrances are made from pure botanicals.  The “Lavish Abundance” is made of vanilla, wild jasmine, lavender, lemon, lime and seabuckthorn.  It is very uplifting.  I love it.  Living Libations also has a little “Petal Perfume Pocket” which is a little travel bag with 5  little spray bottles of 5 different scents.  I have one of those so I can take it on the road with me when we are travelling.  It makes a great gift set for someone special.  Once again I repeat that it is comforting to know that the scent I spray on my body is all natural, with no chemical toxicity like the expensive designer fragrances on the mainstream store shelves.  Stop poisoning your body and try one of these lovely scents from Living Libations.

My nighttime ritual before bed starts with cleansing my face of all the days dirt and grime and removing my natural cosmetics.  I start with “Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever”.  It is an all in one cleanser, exfoliating moisturizer.  After I cleanse my face with that I use the “Rose Water Toner” again, followed by the “All Seeing Eye Cream” and the “Rose Glow Face Cream”.  These products work wonders on my complexion while I sleep.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am giving my skin the best products to keep it healthy and I’m not absorbing any toxic chemicals into my pores.  It’s all pure and health promoting.

Maybe two or three times a week after cleansing my face with “Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever”, I will exfoliate with “Ginger Exfoliating Scrub”.  It sluffs off the dead skin cells beautifully and naturally leaving my skin so soft.  You can use it on your whole body if you like.  I use it on my face.

To keep my hands looking smooth and youthful I use the “Hooray Hand Crème”.  You can use this on your hands and feet.  It is a rich nourishing crème made from aloe vera, herbal infusions, jojoba etc.  All ingredients are listed on the website.

You’ve probably heard me say I opt for peace over drama.  These products instill a sense of peace over me.  Ahhhh……that is a nice feeling.

Now…. I also use some of Living Libations Essential Oils for various things.  I use “Balsam Fir” as an antiseptic.  I use “Frankencense” for it’s anti-inflammatory and astringent  properties putting it on skin sores and blemishes.  It is also good for asthma and other conditions.  I use “Lavender” oil on my pillow at night to quiet my mind and promote restful sleep. I use “Peppermint” oil for adding a pleasant flavor to my drinking water.  It is cooling and soothes headaches too.  I use “Rose Otto” for skin blemishes.  Not that I get many because my skin ritual with the other Living Libations products and a healthy diet keep my skin blemish free.  I love the “Sandalwood” oil for it’s scent which is good for raising my spirit.  I use the “Tea Tree Oil” as my antiseptic if one of us has a cut or burn.  Instead of putting on a store bought cream with chemicals in it…I opt for the “Tea Tree Oil” to keep a wound clean and speed up the healing process.  I use the “Turmeric” oil in cooking as it is so good for you and very anti-inflammatory.  I have many other essential oils in my cupboard from Living Libation but this post would be very lengthy if I kept going.  Check out the site and go through all of the oils offered.  It will be an experience.  A good experience for sure.

So there you have it.  My daily personal care regime.  I’m so grateful for all of the awesome products from Living Libations.  I rest assured that my body is getting the best personal hygiene care imaginable.  It is a good feeling.

And I must add that there are many products for natural child care and infant care as well as many products for the man in your life.

You certainly can’t get everything in shopping trip but prioritize your list and start with a few essentials gradually adding as you go.  Soon enough you will be totally dedicated to the health of the outside of your body which in turn nutures the inside of your body.


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