Middle Age Wisdom

middle ageWhen we are young we tend to be less confident, more “follow the crowd”, not able to say “no”, and just not as wise as we are when we reach middle age.

I can tell you this is true.  I’ve now reached middle age and my whole attitude towards life and every aspect of it has changed.  I’m more content with who I am.  I don’t do things I don’t want to do.   I don’t follow the crowd anymore.  I know the way I want to live and I don’t concern myself with small stuff like what people think about me so much anymore.  I’m sure you have heard the saying “It is none of my business what others think about me.” 

By middle age you have experienced many things most of which you learned from.  You have had relationships with many people of both sexes, both platonic and romantic.  You may have been married once or twice.  You’ve probably had children, a career, aging parents, sibling rivalry, friends who betrayed you, dreams and goals that may or may not have come true etc.

By middle age most of us have learned many life lessons which we will carry through the second half of our lives.  I’ve often said that getting into my fifties has changed who I was to who I am.  I use to be a follower, a “yes” person, the life of the party, the consummate crowd pleaser.  Now I know what is important to me. I know who I love and respect and who I don’t love and respect.  I know who I can trust and I am more trustworthy.

In middle age I now know that life is not a competition.  During the days of youth I was always comparing what others had that I did not have and vise versa.  The material goals are not so important anymore.  Now being authentic rather than superficial is what is important and all of that “stuff” we gather to keep up with the Jones is just that….superficial.  Ego stroking stuff.  It doesn’t make you a better person…that is for sure.  When you get caught up in stuff being your primary form of happiness you wind up empty.

When younger, being acknowledged and approved of by others was of utmost importance.  Now I know that “I am enough” and that is a liberating place to be.  I know what I value and I honor that.  There are many adults who don’t get to this point.  There are many adults out there who are more concerned with “popular opinion” and allow that to rule their behaviour.  A word for this is “sheeple”….folks that follow rather than take their own path.

Something else I’ve come to realize in middle age is that my parents are people just like me.  We all  have our own struggles, and our own strengths and weaknesses.   My parents did their best with what they had to work with and I respect and love them for all they did for my six siblings and myself.  They provided well for us growing up.  They taught us their values and raised us the only way they knew how.  In our youth, we tend to hold resentment towards the authoritive figures in our lives.  Now that we are older and wiser we appreciate the sacrifices and all of the blood, sweat and tears that our parents experienced while performing their parental roles.  They are people too.

I’m more grateful in my middle age.  I now realize how fortunate I have been with all that I have been able to experience in life.  I take less for granted.  I value the simple things in life.  For one with Multiple Sclerosis, I value a simple step…something I always took for granted.

I’m definitely a more spiritual person now.  I see things differently.  I have faith.  I love deeper.  I believe that when something goes wrong in your life it is leading you to something better.  I am more accepting of situations.  I am definitely at peace with what is.  I’m happier now than I was despite my new found limitations.  I love simplicity.  I value the most insignificant things.

Life is good.  I’m here to tell you…..


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  1. Chris August 17, 2014 at 4:07 pm #

    Thanks as always for your honest reflections and heartfelt insights. So good to hear you are continuing to thrive. Blessings, Chris.

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