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beerAs most of you are aware my hubby and I gave up alcohol 5 years ago.  It was the greatest thing we ever did for our health and wellness.  We are definitely healthier, happier and have a greater peace of mind because of that lifestyle change.

My hubby was looking for a replacement for that cocktail hour habit and started enjoying “near beer” or “non-alcohol beer”.  He drinks water all day but when the day is done and he is relaxing before dinner he loves to sit down with a tall cold brew.  We could get our hands on the typical standards available in our local grocery stores but they get pretty boring after a while.  Then one day, I noticed an add for an Ontario, Canada based company called “PREMIUM NEAR BEER”  I went to the website and much to my surprise there are at least 20 different kinds of “near beers” from around the world.  And a big bonus is this company delivers right to our door.  We were so excited with this website that for our first order we purchased 3 cases of 24 and each case was a mix of different kinds of beer.  This enables my hubby to be able to sample many different kinds of “near beers” and find the ones that he really enjoys.  Our future orders will be more fine tuned to his favorites.

As I explored the site further I learned that the founder of this company was diagnosed with a chronic illness that required him to give up alcohol…kind of like myself with my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.  When this gentleman stopped drinking alcohol beers he switched to the near beers available in the grocery store and bars….and as I said earlier….limited choices.    Through research on what was on the market world wide, Ted, the owner, found oodles of delicious lagers, wheat beers, dark brews and even non-alcohol cider and realized there was a market for sharing his finds with others.

There are many reasons why you may be abstaining from alcohol, whether it be to live a healthier lifestyle,  you may be the “designated driver” to get your friends home safe from a party, you may be training to run a marathon, maybe you or someone you know is pregnant and just wants to have a “near beer” while all of her friends are drinking the real McCoy,   maybe you are on medication and can’t take alcohol with it, religious reasons etc.  There are many valid reasons to drink “near beer” and I can tell you that “Premium Near Beer” is the place to go to find the good ones.

This company even has a beer expert, kind of like a wine sommelier but with beer.  Her name is Crystal Luxmore, a Toronto based beer writer.  She is a certified  Cicerone and Prud’homme Beer Sommelier.  She has been written up in The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Chatelaine, The Walrus, and online for The New York Times, CBC, and msn.ca.  There is more info about her credentials on the website.  For the past two years she has done a lot of beer tasting.  She leads lots of beer tastings, seminars etc.  In other words she is an expert on beer.  She has written “beer tasting” notes on each beer on the site to help you select the one that will fit your tastes.

Who knew there was this much going on in the “near beer” industry.  Heh….we are very happy about all of this.

Even if you are a real beer drinker….you may be interested in keeping a mixed case of “near beer” in your beer fridge for those house guests who choose not to imbibe in alcohol.  We all know someone who doesn’t drink.  Wouldn’t it be nice to open up your beer fridge and pour them an exotic “near beer” from somewhere other than our local grocery store.  I think they would be impressed.  I know I would be.  And for those of you who drink regular beer, there are times, I’m sure, when you would like to have a beer with your sandwich at lunch but you may have a commitment that afternoon that stops you from having that beer.  Well, now you can crack open a cold “near beer” at lunch and not have to worry about driving or interfering with your commitment later that day.    Get some “near beer” in your fridge for those occasions.

Just to give you an example of what there is to offer on www.premiumnearbeer.com I will list a few of the beers:

Clausthaler Golden Amber from Germany

Gerstel Lager from Germany

Holsten Pilsner from Hamburg, Germany

Iron League Lager from Canada

Krombacher Pils, Radler, and Wheat…all from Europe

Sagres Lager from Lisbon, Portugal

Schmohz 120 Craft Pale Ale micro-brewed in Michigan

Super Bock Black  from Portugal

Texas Select from San Antonio, Texas

Spirit Tree Estate Cider from Caledon Hills

These are just to name a few to give you an idea of the selection on www.premiumnearbeer.com

We are so glad we found this website.  We will definitely be regulars of this great site.

Bottoms Up!




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