8 Things I’m into at the moment!

fave1.  Living Libations:  Nadine Armetis has it going on at Living Libations.  Her pure essential oils, body products, tooth products etc. are pure, pure, pure.  I enjoy using many of her great products daily.  I wouldn’t use anything else.  I am at peace knowing that what I am putting on my skin, hair and on my teeth is the best of the best.  You can check out Living Libations by hitting the colourful link at the bottom of this page.  This little company is located in Haliburton, Ontario but they ship world wide.  I’ve been a customer of Living Libation for many many years.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  Purity, purity, purity!  My post from two weeks ago outlines exactly what I use from Living Libations on a daily basis.  Check it out if you missed it.  It is titled “My Beauty Products”.

2.  Upaya Naturals:  When I am in Canada I get a lot of my health products and raw foods from Upaya Naturals.  They are located in Barrie, Ontario and ship products to my door very quickly.  They carry a vast inventory of wonderful supplements, organic, raw herbs, nuts, seeds, body products, small kitchen appliances used to enhance the healthy lifestyle, and much more.  Check them out at the link on bottom of this page.

3.  Dry Brushing with Lymph Tonic:  I dry brush every single day before jumping in the shower.  I  incorporated this good health promoting procedure in my morning routine about 4 years ago.  It is so good for moving lymph through your body.  Did you know that your body has no natural internal pump to move lymph?  Lymph can stagnate in your system and dry brushing helps to get it flowing.  You can get a dry brush and lymph tonic at Living Libations by going to the link at the bottom of this page.

4.  Kombucha:  What a delicious drink and health supporting.  When I gave up drinking alcohol 5 years ago I replaced my 5:00 p.m. happy hour drink with Kombucha.  A fermented green tea.  I get this at my local health food store.

5.  Sharon Salzberg’s Book:  “Real Happiness”…need I say more.  And another favorite book is by Elizabeth Lesser titled “Broken Open”.  Great spiritual reading.

6.  Markham Naturopathic Medspa & Clinic:  Dr. Lorenzo Diana has joined my “round table” of experts I am working together with to move closer to eliminating Multiple Sclerosis from my life.  We are analizing my chemistry with a fine tooth comb…so to speak.  Dr. Diana is very knowledgeable and I really enjoy getting together with him often.  He is a great naturopathic doctor.  Check out his website at www.naturalhealthcentre.com.

7.  www.shoeme.ca  An awesome shoe website in Canada.  They carry many comfortable, stylish and therapeutic styles and they ship really quickly.  Great return policy too.

8.  And of course appreciating the good stuff….a daily practice.  Keeps me in the moment.  A continuous reminder of how great life is and how fortunate I am to be living such a great life with a great guy by my side.



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