GHEE….the very essence of butter.

GheeGhee is the most delicious pure butterfat.

Now I know…you may be thinking I am vegan….why would I be writing about Ghee.  Well, I must confess that I do indulge in Ghee once in a while because it is so good for me.  And sometimes you just feel like indulging.  Especially when I have a yummy organic baked potato  (which is not too often) it is a treat to put a little Ghee on it.

We all know that butter is better for us than any synthetic margarine or transfat spread right?  Well, using Ghee is taking things one step further.

Ghee is the result of a very slow simmering process that removes moisture, impurities and milk fat from butter.  Ghee is sacred in India.  It represents nourishment and healing in the daily rituals of worship and cooking.  The Hindi word for fat, ghee is a very tasty and premium cooking oil admired for it’s taste, nutritional benefits and medicinal qualities.  In Ayurveda ghee is an essential part of a balanced diet.  They consider it to be the best fat anybody can eat.  Because the milk solids and water have been removed, ghee has a long shelf life.  It is the best cooking oil as it has a very high heat point of 485 degrees.  Now this is a superfood!!!  Trust me.

Ghee is used in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Ghee has many nutritional benefits from aiding with digestion to detoxification and even weight loss.

–  Metabolism booster thereby helping with weight loss

–  Boosts immune system

– Abundant in K2 and CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) nutrients when made from ORGANIC butter

– Is anti-inflammatory

– Is good for people with lactose intolerance

–  Good for artery health

– contains Omega 3 and 9 essential fatty acids

– contains vitamins A, D, E and K

– contains many antioxidants and minerals

Aside from all of the nutritional and medicinal benefits of Ghee, it just plain tastes really good.

I only purchase ORGANIC GHEE and keep mine in the refrigerator.  One 13 ounce glass jar lasts me a very long time and thankfully Ghee has a very long shelf life so I have no concerns about it going bad.

Ghee has a luxurious and rich buttery taste.  Use it in place of butter for cooking, baking, or sautéing.  It is a treat.




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    Hmmm, can this be purchased at any health food store?

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