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alcoholYahoo…..We are celebrating 5 years alcohol free.  My honey and I decided to quit our insane habit exactly 5 years ago today, June 25th, 2009.  We will remember the anniversary date as it is also the day that Michael Jackson passed away, allegedly from substance abuse.  There is no correlation between these two events.  We just remember both anniversaries are on the same date.

We were the consummate party participants.  We ran with a circle of fun loving people who also enjoyed the party lifestyle.    We are not knocking that lifestyle.   We aren’t judging anyone who drinks.  We have friends and family who do indulge and friends and family who don’t indulge.  It is of no relevance to us as to whether one chooses to drink or not.   It just became too much for us and we had to make the decision to jump out of the fire.  With my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2008 it was very important for me to live a clean existence to help my body heal.  I’m blessed with a partner who wants to be on the same page as I am so we decided to quit the habit together.

I must tell you….quitting alcohol was the best thing we have ever done.  It opened up a whole new world for us.  And I’m going to tell you here in this blog the many benefits of living life “ALCOHOL FREE”.

1.  We are the healthiest we have ever been.  Five years ago my honey had to take “high blood pressure” meds.  He doesn’t need them anymore as his blood pressure has returned to normal.  That is wonderful.  Neither one of us is on any prescription or over the counter med of any kind.  We are ache and pain free.  Our bodies have healed from all of the issues related to living the “high life”.   I still have my MS to contend with but if I was still living the party life, I’d be in a wheelchair today, without a doubt.  Living alcohol free is definitely beneficial for my central nervous system.  Alcohol is a powerful drug and produces multiple effects on the central nervous system and other organs of the body.  It also contributes to many different types of cancer.  We are happy with our decision to clean up our act.

2.  We look better.  Both of our complexions have become healthy and clear of blemishes and those little red capillaries related to alcohol consumption.  Our eyes are clear.  My eyes are actually white again and have returned to their blue colouring.  I always thought I had hazel eyes but since quitting alcohol they appear blue.  During our days of revelry the whites of our eyes were never white.  They always appeared to be yellow (liver stress) or a little blood shot (hangover).  Not anymore.

3.  We have not had to think twice about our WEIGHT since quitting drinking.  We both are slim and trim and have been for almost 5 years now.  We are not consuming all of those “empty calories” in the cocktails and wine.  Really, when you think about it, most days we were consuming a whopping 1000 or more “empty calories” in our glass.  We also don’t eat junk food related to the “party” or the “hangover”.  Our diets are clean and lean.  We savour a glass of pristine spring water, a hot cup of herbal tea or a 5:00 p.m. glass of Kombucha (fermented green tea).  My hubby has the odd non-alcohol beer, of which there are many available on the market today.  Many restaurants offer these tasty non-alcohol beers too.

4.  We get more done.  There is no procrastination in our house anymore.  We use to get sidetracked by the party and not accomplish what we set out to do on most weekends.  Now our time is spent getting things done and enjoying the tasks.

5.  We have extra time now.  The time we wasted sitting around a bar or a kitchen table drinking with fellow drinkers is “no more”.  We have gained all of that clean living time to do interesting things.  We take in far more shows, concerts, site seeing events etc.  We are now more interested in what life has to offer in this regard.  We take time to read more.  We travel more.  Before we couldn’t be bothered.  We wasted so much time doing nothing productive …only self-destructive.  Life is short.  Why waste it being wasted.

6.  We are more patient.  Now that we aren’t agitated by hangovers or need of the cocktail buzz we are calmer and more at peace.

7.  We definitely have gained more “self-esteem”.  We feel clean and good about ourselves.  Have no reason to be “ashamed”.  We don’t have to worry about “what did we say last night” that we can’t remember. We love ourselves more and value our relationship with each other more.

8.  We have better relationships with family and friends.   We seemed to be very self centered when we were consuming alcohol.  Now we are more interested in what our families and close friends are doing.  We enjoy going to our grandson’s hockey games and our granddaughter’s dance recital.  We have the time to enjoy these important events now.  They are meaningful to us.

9.  We think clearly and realistically now.  It is a nice way to feel.  Confident and intelligent.  Not foggy and out of sinc with reality.

10.  Medical journals say that living life without alcohol adds years to your life.  Here’s hoping.  Life is good.  We want to be here for a long time.  And in our old age we want quality.  Drinking as much as we did would only add stress and distress to our senior years.

11.  SLEEP….Oh my goodness….. Our sleep has never been more sound and restorative then it is now.  The boozy sleep was never good quality sleep.  Our sleep routine is perfect.  We get 8 hours of awesome sleep every night.  That makes the day time hours wonderful.  We wake up every single morning refreshed and ready to face the day.  No more hangover headaches, no more foggy days.

12. We are true to ourselves.  No more self talk about what we could or should be doing.  We don’t have to lie to ourselves anymore.

13.  Conscious living.  We don’t need a cocktail to feel relaxed in a crowd or to let down our social guard.  We are who we are.  No cocktail required.

14.  We don’t need to alter our brains to have fun.  We laugh from the heart…not from the mind altering affects of booze.

15.  Money savings.  WOW.  We spent a ton of money on liquor.  Keeping things stocked for those unexpected parties and planned gatherings was an expense we don’t have anymore.  Our restaurant bills when dining out are half what they use to be.  Savings galore.

16.  Spiritual Awakening.  It is true.  We are so much more in tune with our spiritual side.  We’ve chosen “PEACE OVER DRAMA”.

17.  We are definitely more GRATEFUL for life, love, family, friends and those simple things so often overlooked and we don’t take anything for granted.

I could go on and on and on about our benefits of living alcohol free.  I don’t want to bore you with it.  All I can say is it is the BEST descision we every made.

I’m confident to say that we will continue on this “alcohol free lifestyle” for years to come.




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