Bottled Water….Tap water?????

waterI’m sure you have probably heard a news broadcast somewhere telling you that most bottled waters are just glorified tap water.  Doesn’t that irritate you?  It bothers me a lot.  When I buy a bottle of water that says “spring” water I want to know that I am drinking spring water…not tap water full of fluoride, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, BPA etc.

Years ago, we did not have personal use size bottled water to go.   With the constant reminder that we need to consume 8 glasses of water a day to keep properly hydrated….came the onslaught of the convenient plastic water bottle business.  Why didn’t I think of that? Ha Ha.  What a way to make a living…..

Unfortunately we are being duped when it comes to the water we are buying in these plastic BPA leaching bottles.  Most of the water in these bottles is tap water or, in some cases, worse than tap water.  Mass advertising and marketing campaigns have put the bottled water business at the top of  the heap.  With this popularity comes misconception.

Bottled water is very expensive when you consider the cost of tap water.  The convenience is what you are paying for because you are not buying better water than from your own tap.  Reports show that there is a 1900% mark up on bottled water over tap water and with that you would think you would be drinking liquid gold.

The Enviromental Working Group did a study on bottled water and 9 out of 10 of the best selling brands failed to identify the methods used to filter or purify their product.  Further investigation shows that these same companies could not answer 3 important questions; where the water comes from? Is it purified? Are there any contaminants in it?  The conclusion of this study suggests that filtered tap water is better than any bottled water.  And….those designer waters are no better.  Just because they come in pretty bottles and are priced way higher than most other brands does not make them a better, cleaner source.  The EWG goes on to say that 50% of bottled water is just municipal tap water.  Some bottled waters were found to contain more contaminants and toxins than regular tap water.

The other important issue with bottled water is the plastic bottle containing Bisphenol A….BPA.  I did a previous article on the BPA in plastic bottles and liners of cans.  BPA is a hormone disrupting chemical found in plastic containers and can liners.  Most people are loaded with BPA in their blood and tissues.

The EWG suggests that filtered water is the best water to drink.  Installing the filter system in your home is fairly expensive but in the long run, is most beneficial for your health.  Reverse Osmosis is the best filter system as it removes all impurities BUT reverse osmosis removes all of the goodies from the water too. It removes all of the minerals and nutrients too.  That is too bad but there are ways to remineralize your water.  You can purchase liquid minerals at your local health food store to add back to your water or adding apple cider vinegar to your water helps too.

Bottom line…..try to stay away from plastic water bottles.  And if you must use plastic water bottles don’t leave them in your car in the summer heat.  That will cause the nasty chemicals to leach into the water for sure.

I use a glass bottle purchased at my health store to carry my filtered water with me.  If I need to leave it in the heat of the car…being stored in glass is not harmful.

This high tech new world frustrates me when trying to stay away from toxins and do the right thing for my health and that of my loved ones.

Pay closer attention to your water source.  It is impacting your health.

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