judgeJudge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier.  Love everything, you will be happiest.” – Sri Chinmoy

Judgement has a heavy or negative emotion attached to it.  It contains the emotions of anger and fear.

Being judgemental is one of the negative traits I have chosen to STOP doing as I travel through this ever changing journey called “life”.  Because I am more focused on “judgement” I notice it more when others are being judgemental and I notice it in myself if I start to think or express judgement about a person or situation or even about myself.  Since practicing this non-judgemental way I am more compassionate towards others.  I realize that we are all different.  We all have our own lives to live and who am I to think that my way is any better than anyone else’s way.

We are taught judgemental behaviour from an early age.  It is pervasive in life.  It is not an easy thing to eliminate, ingrained in us from childhood.   We learn it in school,  from television, peer pressure etc.  We judge people we don’t even know by the way they wear their hair, their clothing, the car they drive, the colour of their skin, etc.  This is so wrong.

I have been enjoying many books on positive thinking and positive living and have picked up many wonderful pointers from the authors of these books.  Each book teaches me something to help me be less judgemental and grateful for all people and things I come into contact with.

We create our own Karma.  What we think and how we judge the world and the people in it defines the scope of our own lives.

Have you ever heard of “The Shadow Effect”.  What we see as bad in others is likely the bad in ourselves that we have overlooked.  Doesn’t that make you think.  I’ve experienced this.  I have found myself being critical of an other person for something.  Then when I think about why I am allowing this to bother me about this person, I realize that it is a weakness of my own.  Ouch!

So the bottom line is this…..give people permission to make mistakes, to live their lives the way they want to.  Be happy for other people’s success.  By living this way, the world will treat you the same.




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